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Easy and Fast Car Loan Approval For Every Car Buyer

All car buyers in Campbell River are guaranteed an approval even those with:

  • Repossessed Car
  • Delayed Payments
  • Consumer Proposals
  • Low Credit Score
  • Great Credit
  • New to Country
  • No Credit Yet
  • Past Bankruptcy
  • Divorced

Easy basic requirements to get your application approved in Campbell River

  • Gross income of at least $1,800 every month
  • Legal license to drive
  • Auto insurance coverage
Approval for car loan with bad credit

No Matter How Bad Your Credit Is, We Will Approve You Instantly

New Car Canada approves all car loan applicants despite their credit type. As long as you are earning a stable income of $1,800 a month, we will approve you for any vehicle that you want. Our application process is free of any charge and you can easily submit your application online. No need for a down payment or cosigner.

We work with various car dealership partners throughout the country so we can help anyone with their transportation needs. Whether you are looking for a new or used vehicle, we have it all for you! As soon as you are approved, you can immediately browse through our gallery containing 5,000 different make and model of vehicles.


After You're Approved... Pick Any Brand Of Car.

Mazda Mitschubuschi Subaru Mercedes Toyota Smart Lexus Scion Fiat Hyundai Nissan Kia Ford Honda Chrysler Ram Jeep Mini Dodge BMW Alfa Romeo Acura

Ontario's Simplest Auto Loan Process

We have the solution to your car financing needs.

  • All applicants are assured of an approval whether good credit, bad credit or no credit at all
  • Quickest auto loan approval process in the country
  • Nationwide auto finance services
  • Car financing for new or used vehicles (from $5,000 to $40,000)
  • Accepts application 24/7
  • Entirely free application process. Safe and secure online approvals

We have the highest car loan acceptance rate in Campbell River.

New Car Canada is the leading auto loan provider in British Columbia. Good credit, bad credit or no credit, we are willing to finance you car purchase. Unlike traditional car dealers, we don't base our approval on your credit and more importantly we don't charge interest rates that are unreasonable. Our mission is to help every Canadian get the car that they both need and want. Furthermore, we pride ourselves with great customer care. Our team is readily available to you 24/7 so don't think twice about contacting us with any inquiry about our car financing products. What's more, we also offer pre-approved car loans.

So what are you waiting for? Become a car owner in just a matter of weeks without paying a down payment. Apply now and get approved in 24 hours or less.


Why Finance Your Car?

Some consumers are afraid of incurring debt thinking that owing someone money is somewhat bad for you. Well, that is not necessarily true. Ideally, it is better to pay straight up cash when buying a vehicle (or any purchases for that matter) but this is not simply the case for most consumers out there. To add, deciding to pay up front with cash limits your options to cars that you don't really like consequently opting for used vehicles. While you might think that you incurred huge savings on a used vehicle, you still carry the uncertainty of the vehicle's reliability. Maintenance, repairs and other mechanical issues might come your way or worse, you paid for a vehicle that you can't even really use.

With car financing, you'll be able to choose the car that you truly want easily. Why settle for a banged up car when you have an option for a brand new vehicle right? Moreover, you can always sell your vehicle at a price way higher compared to a pre-used car. Another advantage of financing is better budgeting. Since the monthly payments are already fixed, you can manage your finances more efficiently. The key is to look at the annual percentage rate (APR) of a loan before sealing the deal. Make sure that you can afford the monthly payments involved and never force yourself into a car that is way out of what your salary affords you.

Clarington, Canada

Campbell River

Known as the Salmon Capital of the world, this small city's economy is obviously centered on aquaculture but has also ventured into other sectors such as energy development, tourism, agrifood, mining and technology. As you might have guesses, fishing is a favorite past time here at Campbell River as salmon is very abundant in their waters.

Aside from fishing, the city also features other outdoor attractions such as bear watching, whale watching, kayaking and scuba diving. This town has a lot to offer both for its residents and visitors. If you want to explore the beauty of Campbell River, it's best to do so aboard your own vehicle.

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