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All applicants in Cowley can secure an instant approval from us even with:

  • Past Due Bills
  • Repossessed Cars
  • Consumer Proposal Loan
  • Awful Credit
  • Just Got Divorced
  • Great Credit
  • No Credit
  • Past Bankruptcy 
  • Immigrant With Zero Credit

To apply for our affordable car loan offers in Cowley, below are our simple requirements

  • Currently earning at least $450 a week
  • Have car insurance coverage
  • Valid driver's license
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Own a New Car Easily with Our Affordable Auto Loan Deals

We have the fastest car loan approval process in Alberta. To add, our only requirements for approval are: a minimum salary of $1,800 a month, auto insurance protection and a proper driver's license. No need to have a perfect credit score, down payment or cosigner. It's so easy to obtain an approval from us! More importantly, we have very reasonable auto loan rates that anyone can definitely afford. Our aim is to provide affordable auto loan options with very minimal requirements to any car buyer in Canada. No matter where you are, you are more than welcome to avail of our auto loan services.

If you want to know for sure, you can apply for FREE today and discover more about our auto financing options. If you think that we're not a fit, you can cancel anytime without charges. You've got absolutely nothing to lose! Fill out our 1-minute online application today.

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  • Automatic approvals for any type of credit.
  • Minimal requirements with fast approval process
  • Very competitive rates - low monthly payments
  • Get approved for a new SUV, Pickup, Sedan or Minivan for up to $40,000
  • FREE application and approval process ALL IN. No hidden fees or other expenses.
  • 100% Secure Online Approvals

Highest monthly auto loan approvals in Cowley.

Majority of car owners in Alberta got their car loan plan from us because of our fast and easy approval process. More importantly, we don't charge ridiculously expensive rates even to those with poor credit. We even offer pre-approvals to those who want this type of financing option. New Car Canada offers guaranteed auto loan approval of up to $40,000 on any type of car you pick. Furthermore, we work with proven and trusted auto dealerships that are ready to assist you with your purchase. Don't narrow down your options to conventional auto loan dealers. Thousands of car owners can attest to how cheap and easy our car loan approval process is. Give us a try by filling out our FREE online application form right now.


Securing a Pre-Approved Car Loan

Although not the most popular option, you can benefit a lot from a pre-approved car loan option. First off, getting pre-approved means securing an auto loan first before actually shopping around for a vehicle. This may seem like an extra step but it actually cuts the whole process in half which means you can get behind your new car faster. In addition, this allows you to stick to a fixed budget with regards to how much you were approved for.

To secure a pre-approval even with bad credit, you must first show your lender that you have a stable employment history. More importantly, your income should be at least big enough to sustain the monthly payments involved (usually at least $1,800 per month). Other requirements include a valid driver's license and an auto insurance policy. To those who don't know, all car owners in Canada must comply with the minimum required car insurance coverage before they can operate their new cars. The minimum required insurance coverage may vary depending on which state you belong.

By preparing the said requirements in advance, your pre-approval will be as smooth as a whistle. When shopping for auto loan rates, make sure to do it as fast as possible. Limit your inquiries to at most two weeks so that all inquries will be counted as a single inquiry reducing the negative impact on your credit brought by a hard inquiry.

Clarington, Canada


Cowley is a village located in the southern part of Alberta province, just west of Lethbridge city. It has a relatively small population of 36,204 residents. This village was used as a setting for the film Brokeback Mountain.

From Cowley, you can reach other notable attractions such as Waterton Lakes National Park and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. With a community that relies on transportation, buying your own private ride is more convenient and practical in the longer run.

Bad Credit Car Loans Cowley
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