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Whatever Your Credit Score Is, We Guarantee a Fast Car Loan Approval

All car buyers in South Delta are eligible for our auto loans even with:

  • No Credit
  • Terrible Credit Score
  • Excellent Credit Score
  • Debt to Collection
  • Past Auto Repossession
  • Past Bankruptcy
  • Delayed Payments
  • Divorcee
  • Immigrant without Credit

Applicants in South Delta can instantly get an approval if the following requirements are met

  • Has legit license to drive
  • Can buy a vehicle insurance premium
  • Monthly salary of $1,800 or more
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Get Instantly Approved For the Car that You Truly Want

Anyone in British Columbia looking to buy a new ride can secure an instant approval from us regardless of credit rating. We even accept auto loan applicants with previous bankruptcy, auto loan repossession and consumer proposal. Our auto finance rates are so affordable anyone with a regular job can afford the monthly payments. Apply online today and one of our representatives will immediately give a response. You can even request for a free quote on any brand of car you pick.

New Car Canada's application process is absolutely FREE. If you apply right now, we can approve you in less than 24 hours. No down payments involved or cosigner. Take the first step today.

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  • Affordable and fair financing rates
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We have the easiest auto loan approval process in British Columbia. If you are currently making a gross monthly income of $1,800, your auto loan approval will be a breeze. And with our flexible rates, we can meet you halfway to ensure affordability. We can give you the car that you need while also improving your credit. It's a win-win situation for you. No more further delays, apply now and get approved for up to $40,000.

New Car Canada leads the way when it comes to the average number of approvals per month. Thousands of happy clients can attest to how cheap and easy our car loan rates are. Apply today!


Getting Approved for a Bad Credit Auto Loan NOW!

Securing a fast approval for a bad credit auto loan depends on you and the lender you work with. For your part, you have to prepare the following documents, requirements and other minute details before talking to a lender or dealer. Simple requirements such as a copy of your driver's license are easy to overlook which can cause a delay on the overall process. If you've had some serious credit mistakes in the past (i.e. car repossession), bringing a down payment into the mix means a lot to your lender. Another option that you might consider is a cosigner that has a reputable credit. His or her credit will make up for your poor credit thereby reducing your overall risk as a bad credit borrower.

As long as you do your part, the entire process will now rest on your lender. Shopping for rates is crucial to ensure that you are getting the most out of the investment. Choose a lender that is ready to listen and meet you half-way. There's tons of reasons behind a poor credit score and a good lender always considers them. Just always remember to haggle for a lower rate, you can always do that even with a poor credit. The auto finance market has become so competitive that car loan companies have become more lenient with their acceptance rate. Recognize this fact and use it to your advantage.

Clarington, Canada

Tsawwasen or South Delta Community

Tsawwasen is one of three distinct communities that make up the municipality of Delta. It is also referred to as South Delta because it is geographically located at the southern portion of the municipality. It is under the state of British Columbia  and this community is the only land route that provides access to Point Roberts, Washington.

Tsawwassen has its own ferry terminal which enables travelers to go from the Lower Mainland towards Vancouver Island. Furthermore, they have a large shopping center - Tsawwassen Town Center Mall - that provides job to most of the residents in South Delta. Being a developing community, individuals need access to affordable auto loan options so they can get the car that they need.

Bad Credit Car Loans South Delta
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