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Car buyers in Norfolk County are assured of an approval even with:

  • Immigrant Without Credit
  • Debt Going to Collection
  • Divorcee
  • No Credit
  • Bankrupted
  • Repossession
  • Good Credit Score
  • Late Payer
  • Bad Credit Score

We give instant approvals in Norfolk County regardless of credit given that you can fulfill the following pre-requisites

  • Currently earning $450/week
  • Full Driver's License
  • Acquire an insurance plan
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Ride the Car that You Truly Want Without Paying any Money Down

We give thousands of car loan approvals in Ontario at very competitive rates. To add, we don't base our approval on your credit. Just as long as you are being paid $1,800 a month (before taxes), we will approve your car loan application immediately. No initial down payment involved. 

Anyone can easily apply and obtain an approval for a car loan here at New Car Canada. All you have to do is fill out our 1-minute online application and wait for an approval from us within 24 hours. It's so easy you can even apply using only your smartphone, anywhere you want. Don't let bad credit stop you, apply today.

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  • Guaranteed auto financing for everyone
  • Select any car and get financed for up to $40,000
  • Easily submit your application online - open 24/7
  • No payments until your new vehicle is right in front of you
  • Secured online approvals

Highest car loan acceptance rate in Norfolk County.

Having bad credit doesn't necessarily mean limited options. If you apply for a car loan here at New Car Canada, you'll be able to buy the car that you want regardless of credit. We have an acceptance rate of 100%! Apply right now to know where you stand. Fill out our simple online application and get approved immediately! Applying is totally free!

We provide majority of the car financing deals  in Ontario.  Be one of our valued clients today and we assure a hassle-free car buying process.


Managing an Expensive Loan

Whether it’s because of an unexpected company downsizing or unforeseen medical emergencies, sometimes it may come to a point where you can’t afford to pay for your car. In situations like this, you still have a choice to either roll over and quit or considering other options in order to avoid a dreaded car repossession.

Bear in mind that a vehicle repossession can stick to your credit report for up to 7 years. Carrying that credit mistake for that long can become very troublesome. There are still options on how to manage an expensive loan. The first step is to consult your lender first and ask for alternative options. You see, lenders still also lose a chunk of money in a car loan default. Having that in mind, they are also willing to help out through a possible refinancing, usually extending the term of your loan. This option is more costly in the longer run but it can give you a little bit of breathing room since it will lower your monthly payment by a considerable amount. Another option is to sell your vehicle and assume the remaining debt. Given that you haven’t got equity over your loan, you would still have to pay the difference but at least the amount is now more manageable than the original debt. Selling your car can be very difficult but it is way better than waiting for the tow truck to take away your car due to a repossession.

Clarington, Canada

Norfolk County

One of the cities that comprise Southwestern Ontario, Norfolk County is a rural city that is famously known for its unique and iconic ports and villages that are lying at Lake Erie. Other than that, Norfolk County's local attractions include  fishing, bird watching, camping, trail hiking, biking and other outdoor activities.

One of the more popular places to visit in this city is their botanical garden - the Wilsonville's Whistling Gardens which was actually dubbed by UNESCO as one of the most amazing places to visit in Ontario province. Furthermore, visitors from all around the globe also come to witness their colorful festivals. Being in a city with so much to offer, buying your own car allows you more time to explore Norfolk County.

Bad Credit Car Loans Norfolk County
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