Bad Credit Car Loans Claremont

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Secure an Approval from Us Right Away Despite the Lack of Credit 

We assure all applicants in Claremont an instant car loan even with:

  • Delinquencies 
  • Consumer Proposals
  • Weak Credit
  • Bankruptcy
  • Past Repossession
  • New in Canada 
  • No Credit
  • Just Got Divorced
  • Strong Credit

Get your loan approved within 24 hours in Claremont by complying with the requirements below

  • Stable income of $450/week or more
  • Autorized driver's license
  • Can purchase an insurance coverage
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Get Approved Easily and Take Home the Car of Your Dreams

No matter where you are in Ontario, we can help you out. New Car Canada has a wide network of reputable dealership associates that can give you what you want. Once you've secured an approval from us, we can immediately connect you to one of our partners. Apply in just 1 minute with only 3 simple requirements and get approved for up to a $40,000 auto loan plan. On top of that, we can approve you as fast as 24 hours. No need for a money down or cosigner.

Spare us a moment of your time and check out our rock-bottom auto loan rates today.

After You're Approved... Pick Any Brand Of Car.

Mazda Mitschubuschi Subaru Mercedes Toyota Smart Lexus Scion Fiat Hyundai Nissan Kia Ford Honda Chrysler Ram Jeep Mini Dodge BMW Alfa Romeo Acura

Works with Reputable Car Dealerships in Ontario

Anything you need, we can make it happen effortlessly.

  • No down payment required for all cars
  • Guaranteed safe and secure online transactions
  • 100% Auto Loan Approval Rate
  • Allows new and pre-owned auto financing
  • Affordable rates for anyone in Canada looking to make a purchase
  • No pre-commitments or obligations. Free to apply, no payments needed until you get inside your new vehicle.

Trusted by thousands of car owners in Claremont and in any other community.

Not all lenders rely on credit score for approval, take New Car Canada for example. We approve any applicant earning at least $1,800/month regardless of credit. No added requirements or money down required. It's just that simple! When shopping for your next car in Ontario, you want to avail of the best deal possible. With New Car Canada as you partner, that can easily be attained through the help of our dealership partners.

Avail of our FREE online application now and become a car owner in just a matter of days. We work non-stop 24 hours a day just for you. Hurry and take action today.


How to Manage an Under water Car Loan

People go under water on a loan probably because of two reasons: 1) the car chosen was too expensive to begin with consequently making you fall behind on payments and 2) opting for a long term car loan duration. Having said that, this is why sticking to a budget is really crucial when you are a buyer. Remember that cars depreciate in value as time goes by and you need to pay your loan fast in order to "break even" with your current loan.

In order to get out of your loan fast, you can consider increasing the amount of monthly payment if your budget allows. Talk to your lender first before doing so because they might charge you a prepayment penalty fee. If your salary is just not enough to take on higher monthly payments, you could take advantage of cash advance promos offered by credit cards that has a better rate than your current car loan. The cash advance or loan might not be enough to cover the entire debt but this will buy you time and save you a bit on interest payments. You could also consider refinancing your current loan entirely with a new one if your credit has improved enough to make you eligible for a prime rate.

Clarington, Canada


Claremont is suburban community located south of Ontario province. It is a rapidly growing community in terms of population with a count of 35,824 residents. The community hosts two notable local festivals the Yard Sale Day where every household in Claremont puts up a yard sale at their driveway or garage and the Winter Carnival.

The latter involves a winter parade, winter-related activities and other recreational activities. With a quaint and progressive town such as Claremont, transportation is a vital need. We can definitely help make your purchase easier and more affordable. Find out more about our car financing options today.

Bad Credit Car Loans Claremont
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