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Have credit problems like the following? Earn our approval and buy your car in Ridgeway

  • No previous credit to show as proof
  • Low or damaged credit history
  • Company or personal bankruptcy
  • Ongoing or past divorce/s
  • An immigrant in Canada
  • Pending consumer proposals
  • Missed payment of premiums
  • Repossessed cars

Requirements for quick car loan approval to get a new vehicle in Ridgeway are as follows:

  • $1800 salary or more every month
  • Insurable for any type of vehicle
  • Unexpired driver's license
Approval for car loan with bad credit

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Quality auto financing service you can trust in Ridgeway.

For quality auto financing service, New Car Canada provides the fastest and easiest way to apply for a car loan. We also provide the fastest approval time with a guaranteed ZERO down payment when you get our approval. Despite your credit record, just apply with us because we approve almost everyone even with negative credit. Moreover, we give the biggest approval rating in Ontario with an average of 2,000 applicants approved per month. Join the pool of happy car owners by sending your application to us.

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Car Financing Tips

Buying a new car or replacing your old one? The best way to get a new ride is via car financing. Through car financing, you don't have to save for a huge lump sum for upfront payment. Instead, you can go for more manageable monthly payment terms while your car loan provider takes car of the rest. Before deciding where to get car financing, shop around for the best rates first. Different providers offer different rates so go for the one that gives most value. This means that it is affordable and still gives you the benefits you want to make the car purchase easier like quick application and approval processing, no strict dates to do the car purchase, and ZERO down payment.

Don't settle for what the dealership offers you when it comes to car financing because there are better offers outside the dealership. Do your homework first and search for options outside the dealership that offer lower rates in shorter payment terms. This way, you get to buy the car you want without overpaying for it.

Clarington, Canada

City with Rich History

Ridgeway is a small community in Ft. Erie in Ontario that is home to close to 30,000 residents. It is popular for its rich history especially for being the location of the 1886 Battle of Ridgeway. The community got its name from the limestone ridge that can be found from north to south of this area. Although part of Ft. Erie, Ridgeway has grown from being an agricultural area to a neighborhood focused on the service industries. In the past, it has an old rail line, which has now been transformed into a walking and biking trail that is part of the Niagara region.

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