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Troubled with the following? You can still get our car loan in Stratford:

  • High credit score
  • Low credit score
  • No past credit as proof of credit
  • Recent bankruptcy
  • Consumer proposals
  • Recent or ongoing divorce
  • Missed payment schedules
  • Cars taken away due to inability to pay
  • Unpaid premiums
  • Pending loans from other providers

The basic things you need to have to earn our auto loan so you can buy a new car in Stratford

  • Can drive legally in Canada
  • Auto insurance or can avail of one
  • At least $1,800 regular income every month
Approval for car loan with bad credit

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Looking to buy a new car in Ontario? If you need a partner that will give you the best car loan assistance, New Car Canada is the best choice. We offer affordable car loans and these are all available to all would-be car owners even if you have a low credit grade. Actually, even if it is the first time that you will buy a car and has no proof of past credit, you can still get approved for our car loan. Meet the basic qualifications and apply with us so we can go from there.

Application is FREE so there is no harm in trying and you can even cancel anytime. When you apply with us, we provide you with next-day guarantee and upon approval, enjoy our ZERO down offer.


After You're Approved... Pick Any Brand Of Car.

Mazda Mitschubuschi Subaru Mercedes Toyota Smart Lexus Scion Fiat Hyundai Nissan Kia Ford Honda Chrysler Ram Jeep Mini Dodge BMW Alfa Romeo Acura

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Get the car loan you need whenever.

  • Easy-access car loan available anytime and anywhere with quick application and approval
  • No cash for down payment? We provide $0 down upon approval
  • Anyone can get approved even with poor credit grade or zero past credits
  • Choose your own car and get up to $45,000 car loan
  • Get our car loan approval even with NO cosigner
  • Shop for the best car deals

Get your new car with our loans in Stratford

Providing you with the best car loan support, New Car Canada is the trusted name for car loans in Ontario. You can easily reach us via our website and submit your application there so you can be on your way to getting your dream car. Application is quick and can be finished in just one minute. The same goes for our approval, it is quick and we promise to get you approved in under 24 hours.

Once approved and finally decided what car to get, go to your dealership of choice with our car loan and bring home your new vehicle at $0 down payment!


Quick Tips for Car Refinancing

Refinancing is one of the best solutions when you have an ongoing car loan with a high interest. To refinance is to get another loan provider pay for your current loan but for a cheaper interest rate. Hence, in a way, your loan is transferred from the source of high interest rate to another provider with a lower and more manageable rate. This process helps creditors pay their loans better and allow them to improve their credit history. To know if you need to refinance, gather all necessary information from your current loan and compare it to other providers who might have lower interest rates. Then, the process is the same when applying for a car loan but this time you are simply transferring your old loan to a cheaper one.

To get the most out of refinancing, make sure that the new rate is lower than the previous rate. Moreover, the new cost should not be higher than the value of your car. With refinancing, you should try your best to improve or repair your horrible credit so you no longer have a tough time getting approved in the future and so you can get better rates from the start without need for refinancing when you apply for a loan.

Clarington, Canada

Art Town

Stratford is a city in Perth County that is popular as one of North America's great arts towns. Hence, it is a famous destination for tourists. The city is located near Toronto or London, and it gives for a scenic drive coming from either cities. Many claim that it is an ideal destination for a quick weekend escape.

Aside from art, the city has scrumptious gastronomic offerings. Its ever-changing local food scene is a something many traveling foodies look forward to try. Stratford also has a lively music scene. Hence, it marries art and music for all creative travelers.

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