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"Applied Wednesday morning... got approved 3 hours later... Then New Car Canada gave me no obligation to buy free financing to own quotes for a Cruze, Civic and a Jetta. I picked Civic. I was also able to reconsolidate my credit card debt from 19% to 8%. I'm really happy with NCC and how they connected me with a dealer that approves not so great credit..."

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Car buyers in Port Coquitlam who are looking for a loan can get approved even with:

  • Consumer Proposal Loans
  • Car loan Default
  • Weak Credit
  • Divorcee
  • Strong Credit
  • Bankruptcy
  • No Credit
  • Immigrant
  • Delinquency

Get approved in 24 hours for a new car in Port Coquitlam by accomplishing these easy requirements

  • Stable job that pays $1,800 a month (before taxes)
  • Updated Driver's License
  • Can acquire car insurance protection
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Treat Yourself with an Awesome New Vehicle

New Car Canada has the highest acceptance rate in British Columbia. Applicants with bankruptcy, repossession and foreclosure are still accommodated and given an affordable auto loan option. To add, you don't have to place any down payment or cosigner just to secure an approval. Having bad credit doesn't necessarily mean expensive limited options. With New Car Canada, you can still pick the car that you really want without incurring too much interest payments. Apply online today and see for yourself. We help build your future.

After You're Approved... Pick Any Brand Of Car.

Mazda Mitschubuschi Subaru Mercedes Toyota Smart Lexus Scion Fiat Hyundai Nissan Kia Ford Honda Chrysler Ram Jeep Mini Dodge BMW Alfa Romeo Acura

Most Outstanding Bad Credit Car Dealer in Ontario

Build your credit the right way.

  • Instant car financing for anyone in need including bad credit, no credit and good credit car buyers
  • Car loan approval in 24 hours or less
  • No cosigner or money down involved
  • Financing for all vehicle types - SUV, Minivan, Pickup Trucks
  • $5,000 to $40,000 auto financing
  • Apply for FREE. 100% secured site

Most accessible car financing site in Port Coquitlam.

We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Regardless of your credit, we guarantee a fast and easy approval. Simply apply online using your smartphone or laptop and one of our representatives will do a quick evaluation on your application. Once approved, you can immediately pick any vehicle from our gallery.

If you want to know the exact amount of car financing you are eligible for before car shopping, we also give pre-approved auto loans. So what's the hold up? Grab your phone or computer and apply right now!  

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Making a Down Payment Making a down payment is one of the struggles that most car loan applicants complain about particularly those who were not able to save up for it. While car loan companies have become more lenient about this aspect (some don't even require it), opting to still pay an initial down payment will do you more good than choosing not to.

As we all know, cars are depreciable assets which means they lose value over time. For brand new vehicles, the first two years are the roughest losing up to 20 percent of its value for each year. Without placing any down payment, car buyers become upside down on their loan. What does that mean? It means that you are paying more for your vehicle than it's actual current value. How much excess depends on the interest rate or annual percentage rate (APR) of your loan. A down payment not only covers the initial depreciation rate your new car experiences but also lowers the principal debt and therefore also decreasing your overall interest payments.

Bringing a down payment to the table also increases your creditworthiness despite having a few blemishes on your credit. Lenders will see you as a willing and committed buyer just by the mere gesture of placing a down payment.

PoCo City

Port Coquitlam is a small city located just east of Vancouver, British Columbia with over 62 thousand people who currently live there. Locally known as “PoCo”, it is often confused with the much larger city of Coquitlam. PoCo is widely known for its beautiful parks and rivers and has many trails in which visitors from near and far often frequent. Along with its parks, PoCo also has a lot of suburban housing. The city’s motto which is, “Working Together for the Future” rightfully represents PoCo as the city has a lot of industrial and commercial growth that help them in nurturing their economy. Transportation is one of those growths. The Canadian Pacific Railway runs right through the heart of the city. A skytrain system and many bus routes, operated by Translink, run in, out and through the city of PoCo. A brand new skytrain route known as the Evergreen Line opened recently in early December of 2016. This brings much excitement to locals and tourists because it provides much easier transport to the neighboring city of Vancouver.

Bad Credit Car Loans Port Coquitlam
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