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Have the following? Don't worry, you can still get our car loan in West Vancouver:

  • Flawless credit record
  • Deficient credit record
  • No records of past credit
  • Late premiums
  • Consumer Proposals
  • Recent move in the country
  • Divorced
  • Ceased Properties
  • Bankruptcy

For car loan application in West Vancouver and to be approved, here are what you need:

  • License to drive
  • Insurance for the vehicle
  • Income every month of $1,800
Approval for car loan with bad credit

First-Time to Buy a Vehicle? We Provide the Best Car Loan Offers!

We understand how difficult it is to buy a car for the first time. Aside from not having enough experiences regarding the process itself, not having enough proof of credit makes it difficult to get approved for a car loan. So, if you are buying a vehicle in British Columbia for the first time, get our assistance at New Car Canada.

We offer the most amazing car loan deals and we work with some of the best car providers so you can get the best price. Apply with us now before going to the dealership. With our car loan approval, you can drive your first car with ZERO down.


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We are the one to rely on for the best auto loans in West Vancouver.

Looking for the best auto deals in British Columbia? Visit our website to find the most amazing car loan offers in the market. We provide utmost financing service from start to finish with no hidden charges. We don't ask for application form and there is no down payment to buy a car when you get approved with us.

Apply now for FREE and get our approval in the following 24 hours. The wait is short for approval and after that, you can proceed to picking the best car ever!


Best Financing Choice When Buying a Vehicle

When buying a vehicle and don't have lump sum cash to pay the upfront price, you have two choices for financing. These are dealership financing and third party financing. However, most people are not familiar either of these choices. Oftentimes, car buyers, especially those who are buying for the first time, fall trap into the inferior choice. Outright, choosing dealership financing is desirable because it is easy. You simple enter the dealership and process everything there from financing to buying the vehicle. However, this is actually an expensive choice.

Oftentimes, dealerships jack up the price of the car because they give you a marked up price with high premiums. Agents are trained to get you to fall into these traps. The other option, third party financing, sounds tedious but is actually cheaper. With an approved car loan, you don't need to deal with the tricks of the dealership. You also don't have to negotiate with them because you have enough financing to bring home your car of choice without spending even for down payment. So, with just a little research, online application submission, and next-day approval from a third party financing source, you can get the better deal!

Clarington, Canada

Amazing Waterfront

West Vancouver is a municipality in British Columbia that offers an amazing waterfront. It is located near the English Bay and is part of the "North Shore" municipalities. In 2010, West Vancouver was one of the locations for that year's Winter Olympics. The town is home to Canada's biggest shopping center, the Park Royal Shopping Centre.

Furthermore, it is home to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, which links Vancouver Island and British Columbia. The two is served by the longest town transportation system and Canada's first wheelchair accessible public transport, the Blue Bus. Although it services many routes in and out West Vancouver, nothing beats driving your own car. For all your car inquiries and car loan needs, visit us at New Car Canada.

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