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2018 Alberta Truck Buying Advice

Must Read!!!

Money Saving Report for Albertans

saving up money
As reported by Statistics Canada, there was a 2.8% increase sales of new trucks last year and Alberta was the fourth province to increase in new car sales at 0.5%.

With the improving economy of Alberta, vehicles have just become a very common product to purchase during any time of the year.

saving up money

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If you are one of those who are very much excited to buy a truck, make sure that you read the following:

    1. Know You Budget – Experts financing advise customers to consider monthly payment that can be within the 20% cut off of their monthly income.

    2. Get Great Deals – Look for an auto loan approval company who can give you the vehicle you want within the budget you can afford.

    3. New vs. Used – Know what you want. A new truck which is costly but low maintenance or an affordable slightly used vehicle with potential high maintenance cost?

    4. Don’t Worry About Your Credit Score –  There are auto loan pre-approval companies who will accept your application regardless of your credit score.

    5. Secure Loan Approval – Loan approval gives you a vision of the best that you can actually get from your budget.

    6. Shell out down payment – The larger your down payment, the lesser your monthly payment becomes. This also saves you a lot of your interest rate.

    7. Do Your Homework –  Knowledge is power. Being well-informed in the truck-buying process will save you money, time, and regrets.

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Remember that budgeting, selecting between new and used truck, and partnering with dealerships will only work if you have the proper mindset of buying a truck.

Pay attention to these tips and get that truck you deserve!

If you are planning to buy a Truck and still considering a lot of options, check out and learn how you can get the Truck you really want with the budget you can afford!

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