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2018’s Top 5 Best Selling Vehicles in Canada

2018 has been a rather turbulent year for the car industry. For some, the changes in the market were a bit stronger than anticipated.

We have compiled data for all types of vehicles for each month for Canadian market and come up with this list of 5 top best-selling vehicles in 2018.

1. Ford F-series

Although the overall demand for Ford’s F-series trucks has decreased by 8% compared to 2017, these trucks have remained the Best Selling Vehicle in Canada.

Ford F-series come in a variety of heavy-duty and full-size trucks, something for everyone’s taste.

As proven before, these trucks are extremely durable and safe so it was no surprise when we found out that this was still #1.

2. RAM

RAM Truck

Ram has also suffered some downfall in sales during 2018, but certainly, that didn’t stop these trucks from being the second best sold in Canada.

The decrease could be explained by the lack of innovation compared to other competitor brands, but 2019 series promise something new and refreshing, with low-interest rates for long-term truck loans.

3. Honda Civic

Well-deserved third place, the Civic has once again shown that it’s still people’s favorite choice.

Civic has always been special in its own unique way, with its modern design and reliability this car has surpassed its biggest rival – Toyota Corolla.

We can’t wait to see what Honda has prepared for 2019 for their golden model.

4. Chevrolet Silverado

This big guy has stolen many hearts of full-size truck lovers during 2018, increasing sales on the market compared to the previous year.

We can surely say that it was not expected since GMC’s Sierra had very good numbers for many consecutive years in this category.

However, the Silverado took charge and ensured its safe place among the top 5 best-sellers of 2018.

5. GMC Sierra

Ok, so, as mentioned above the Silverado won over Sierra but the numbers were close to a tie at one point. This was a low blow for GMC since their Sierra had great odds.

But since nothing in life is certain, it turned out that Chevrolet had something better to offer this time.

We must admit that this rivalry excites us since both will present even better models in 2019. Let’s wait and see how it turns out this year.

Prepare yourselves for awesome improvements on both sides!

As you’ve seen, the majority of the best sellers were full-sized trucks. To be honest, that is exactly what was expected but still, we are looking forward to seeing what happens in 2019.

Big brands are fighting for their place on the market so it should be quite an interesting battle for the throne.

What we can say without any doubt is that you can always apply for a car/truck loan by filling out our short form.

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