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Everyone is Guaranteed an Approval Regardless of Credit 

Apply in Mission and get approved instantly even with:

  • Deferred Payments
  • Divorce Obligations
  • Poor Credit
  • Great Credit
  • Repossessed Vehicle
  • Bankruptcy Problems
  • No Credit Score
  • Recently Migrated to Country
  • Ongoing Collection

All we need to get you approved in Mission are 3 simple requirements

  • Earning a salary of $1,800 a month
  • Valid driver's license
  • Insurance for your vehicle
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Choose Any Brand and Secure an Immediate Approval

Trouble getting approved for a loan? New Car Canada is here to help you out. Regardless of credit situation, we guarantee you an instant approval for any car you want. New Car Canada works with the best car dealers in British Columbia so you can avail of the best deal possible. Browse our gallery using our easy to use online car picking tool. Our rates are very competitive and you don't need to pay a minimum down payment to secure a yes from us.

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  • Absolutely free car financing application and approval. No down payment required.
  • Free to apply, very minimal requirements

We give more auto loans in Mission than any other online auto loan site.

As long as you have a job in British Columbia with a gross monthly income of at least $1,800, your approval is 100% guaranteed. We don't care if you've gone through bankruptcy, consumer loan or car repossession. New Car Canada is willing to help anyone out as long as they have the financial capacity to keep up with the monthly payments. Through our cheap car loans, we can help improve your credit effortlessly.

Take the firs step and fill out our 1-minute online application. As long as you meet our simple requirements, you will receive an approval from us within 24 hours.


Advantages of Paying Off Your Loan ASAP

A short term loan bears a lot of advantages compared to a long term loan. To begin with, a car loan term is considered a short term when the duration is kept under 60 months, beyond that it is already considered an extended or long term loan. As we all know, cars lose their value over time making them depreciable assets. Taking that fact into consideration, you must pay off your car loan as soon as possible to reduce the risk of becoming upside down. What this means is that, you don't want to pay for a car that is more than its current resale value. Moreover, you are also spending less in a short term in terms of interest payments.

Probably one of the most deciding factor is that you'll be able to settle a huge debt earlier and can finally say with confidence that you own your car. By choosing to keep the duration short, you incur a lot of future savings since you will be spending less on interest and you are also protecting the car's resale value. If you can't afford the monthly payment involved in a 60-month term, then maybe it is because you are shopping way beyond what you can afford. Don't force a purchase when it's spells doom from the get go. Extending a loan will do you more harm than good.

Clarington, Canada


The district of Mission is a municipality situated at the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. It has a population count of 36,426 residents. Their economy lies mainly on forestry, agriculture and hydroelectricity. These sectors provide for majority of employment in Mission.

Furthermore, wood manufacturing businesses are also booming in this community. Mission is the only municipality in the province that has a municipal tree farm license. In terms of public transportation, they also have their own commuter rail known as West Coast Express that directly connects them to Vancouver.

Bad Credit Car Loans Mission
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