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Apply, Forrest, Apply!

Life is not easy for Forrest Gump.

As a young boy, he was a victim of polio disease. His IQ is well below average. Jenny (his friend from primary school) is waaay more interested in other men than in him.

Forrest Gump runningYet, he discovers his strength. He can run. He can run like wind blows.

That gets him far.

He goes to college, later enlists in the army. Then goes to Vietnam with his friend Bubba, where Bubba is unfortunately killed during an ambush.

In that ambush, Forrest ends up saving much of his platoon by moving really fast.

Heck, even when Jenny rejects his marriage proposal, Forrest makes something good out of it. He goes running across the country for three and a half years, becoming famous in the process.

Although Forrest has many weak points, he can compensate for all of them with running.

What does this have to do with cars?

The same thing applies for vehicle financing with New Car Canada.

Just like Forrest only needs to run fast to get far in life, you only need $1,800 per month income to get approved for vehicle financing with New Car Canada.

As long as you make $1,800 per month, you will be approved.

Your credit score, employment type, residence type or anything else don’t matter. If you make $1,800 per month and you can prove it, you will be approved.

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