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[Attention!!] Three Reasons Why Buying A Used Car Is A Better Option

 Still undecided whether getting a used car is a good idea?

Read on and see for yourself!


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Before you search the market when buying brand new cars, why not consider opting for a used one?

Purchasing pre-owned vehicles may not be your first choice but you will be surprised at how rewarding it can be to find and select the right one.

Choosing to buy a used car may be intimidating but here are the top three reasons why deciding on one is a better option:


  • The most obvious reason why opting for a used car is better is the price difference.

  • Between new and used cars, the average price gap is around $20,000. Imagine how much you could potentially save by opting for the latter.

  • It is possible to find used cars that have been used for only two to three years but with fairly low mileage. It is best to do some research, too.

  • Not only that you can land a better deal on your next car, some dealers may also offer sales or promotional offers, lowering the price even more!

The Advantage of Depreciating Values

  • As soon as a new car is taken out of the dealer’s area, it’s value immediately decreases by about 20% and could go further to as much as 40% during the first year of ownership alone.

  • Not only that but its value will continue to decrease over time.

  • Buying a used car means that you do not have to pay for the car’s original value because over time, it will become a depreciation loss.

Choose only Certified Pre-owned vehicles

  • That’s right! The safest route to take when deciding on a used car is obtaining one that has the manufacturer’s seal of approval.

  • Certified pre-owned vehicles are those that have undergone strict and rigorous inspection of  any issues and are deemed roadworthy and in excellent condition.

  • Cars that are certified by manufacturers gives you an assurance of its performance and eliminates any doubts of hidden or underlying issues.


Convinced at buying used cars, yet? As long as you apply these principles the next time you are in the market for a good vehicle, you will never second-guess the car’s worth and is sure that buying used cars can be a good option.

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