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Our main goal is give people the power to buy their own car even if they have:

  • Good Credit Standing
  • Bad Credit Standing
  • No Credit Standing
  • Been Bankrupt
  • Debts
  • Delayed Payments
  • Repossessions
  • New To The Country
  • Been Through Divorce Recently

Getting a loan in Edmonton? These are the 3 things you need to meet:

  • Proof of monthly income starting at $1,800
  • Updated license
  • Can file for insurance
bad credit car loans Edmonton

Get Approved and Buy That New Car Despite Your Credit Score

Buying a new a car is a big decision. Aside from deciding about what car to get, you also need to determine how to finance your purchase. Some people still assume that buying a car is impossible for people with bad credit score. New Car Canada approves anyone for bad credit car loans Edmonton. We want to give everyone the power to buy the car that they have always wanted.

Our approval process is quick and simple. It starts with you filling out our 1-minute application form. You are guaranteed an approval within 24 hours for as long as you meet 3 basic requirements. Don’t wait around anymore. Apply now for a car loan NOW!

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We want to give you the purchasing power to get your new car already.

  • Approvals for anyone, regarless of credit score!
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  • Zero cash out!
  • Loans range from $5,000 to $45,000.
  • Choose from a wide range of vehicles including SUVs, minivans, or trucks.
  • FREE application. No strings attached and no obligation to buy!
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More car approvals with us in Edmonton than anywhere else.

Have bad credit but want to buy that amazing car that you’ve been eyeing for so long? There’s a way to do it! New Car Canada offers the best service when it comes to giving everyone the power to buy a car.

Application is free and only takes a minute.  You only need a valid driver’s license and a monthly income of $1,800. Apply through your mobile phone or laptop and get approved the next day! That’s how fast we process. APPLY NOW!

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Bad Credit Car Loans Edmonton Rates

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Bad Credit Car Loans Edmonton Options

Not everyone has the financial capability to buy a car and pay it in full right away. Car financing allows one to loan a vehicle and gradually pay it off. This solution has allowed many people to buy a car without having to pay off a very hefty amount on the onset.

Bad Credit Car Loans Edmonton Financing

In Edmonton, you can easily get car financing depending on your needs and priorities. In fact, you can still get car financing even if your credit score is low or non-existent! You just need to look at the right place. For your own safety, transact only with trusted lenders and dealerships like New Car Canada and get car loans Vancouver or bad credit car loans Edmonton now.

How To Finance A Car in Edmonton
Unlike before, it is now easier for car buyers to get financed for a new or used vehicle regardless of your credit score. In fact, with the right lender, you can get approved for an affordable bad credit car loans Edmonton option despite having a few red flags on your credit report. Although you have to consider that financing a car at a subprime rate is still costly since you are doing it at a subprime rate. With all that being said, here are a few simple techniques that you can use to ensure that you are getting the best bad credit car loans Edmonton option available.

Secure A Copy Of Your Credit Report
Nowadays, you can easily request a copy of your credit report online through either one of these major credit bureaus: The TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Figure out your current credit situation and if you have a low credit score, this is a good opportunity for you to know how your credit score got damaged in the first place. Moreover, look out for possible errors or mistakes in your credit report and have it fixed by the credit bureau right away. Even though a credit score is calculated using a computer, erroneous data is still very much possible.
If a couple of missed monthly bills is the main reason why you got a low credit score, you can reverse this by catching up with your monthly dues. Never make decisions based on mere assumptions. Know your credit report intimately so you will have a better idea on how to improve it.

Figure Out Your Budget
After you have done what you can to make the necessary adjustments to your credit score, the next step is to figure out what type of car do you need and how much you are willing to pay for it on a monthly basis. A good place to start is to determine what your needs are in a vehicle. Are you going to use it for carpool or it is more for your own personal daily vehicular transport? Do you haul a lot of heavy cargo frequently? If it is a family car, how many passengers are there? As a smart consumer, you should weigh your priorities – the classic NEED versus WANT. You have to consider this especially since you are financing a car with a bad credit car loans Edmonton option.
Next up is your monthly budget. As a guide, you should keep your monthly budget under 20 percent of your monthly income. For example, you are earning $2,000 per month, then your monthly rate should be at most $200. While this is not applicable to every situation, this is just a guide for you so you won’t end up with a car that is way too expensive for you to begin with. You also need to consider other expenses, like an auto insurance policy, after sales tax, warranties and the likes. In addition, car repairs and regular periodic maintenance need to be included in the equation as well. Paying for the monthly amortization is just one thing, the cost of owning a vehicle is another. Getting approved for a reasonably priced bad credit car loans Edmonton and picking a vehicle you can afford are two main key points when buying a vehicle.

Finding A Lender That Is Willing To Help
You have a low credit score and you need a car as soon as possible which means you won’t have enough time to raise it up, so the only option you have is to find a lender that is willing to meet you halfway and make a compromise with their bad credit car loans Edmonton rate. If you want to go for a dealership financing for convenience, you can do so. Normally, car dealerships are partners with various lending institutions so you will have a wide array of options to choose from.
When searching for rates, remember to focus on the actual cost of the bad credit car loans Edmonton option. The only time that you consider the monthly payment is when you are still figuring out your monthly budget. You can start inquiring for rates in your own local bank. If you have been their client for quite some time now, they may be inclined to help you out. A good place to also shop for rates is through online car financing sites. Online bad credit car loans Edmonton providers are easily accessible, have very simple approval requirements and can help you get approved for a competitive auto loan option. Unlike traditional car financing establishments, they are more flexible with their rates and have more room for when haggling for a better price.
A good example is New Car Canada. We are partners with hundreds of car dealerships all throughout the country thus giving you a very wide array of financing options. But more importantly, we provide guaranteed bad credit car loans Edmonton approval no matter how serious your credit issues are. In the past, we have even approved applicants who have a history of bankruptcy, car repossession, consumer proposal loan and unpaid collections. Furthermore, New Car Canada has the fastest online approval process in the country today. As long as you can meet our requirements, we can get you approved as fast as within 24 hours – no cosigner required. We can even get you approved for a $0 money down bad credit car loans Edmonton option.

Ways To Save Money On A Bad Credit Car Loans Edmonton
Financing a car with bad credit is indeed costly. However, there are still a ton of ways where you can save money on your bad credit car loans Edmonton option.

Let Them Haggle Over You
It is a given that in order for you to know that you are indeed getting the best rate possible, you need to shop for rates. While some consumers are worried about their credit scores getting damaged when they inquire from various lenders, you can still do multiple inquiries if you just limit your shopping to within a 2-week period. All soft inquiries done within that period will be considered as a single inquiry. Take advantage of this so you’ll have a general idea of what the available rates are. Once you have collected rates from different lenders, you can use this as a bargaining chip for when you want to haggle for a better rate. Basically, you’d want to start a “bidding war” against different dealerships. You’ll have a bigger chance of landing a favorable bad credit car loans Edmonton rate with this strategy. Moreover, if you time your purchase when they are after a monthly or quarterly sales quota, you’ll have an easier time getting a better rate. Shop for rates during the end of every month, quarter or at the end of the year if you are patient enough.

Bring Your Own Financing Option
Dealership financing has marked up bad credit car loans Edmonton options. Walking into a car dealership with an already approved car loan option nets you the assurance that you are getting the best financing option possible. Now, all you have to do is a shop for a vehicle that is within your pre-approved financing amount. Moreover, this makes you seem like a cash buyer which give you more leverage when haggling for a better price for the car you are interested in. In addition, getting pre-approved affords you the luxury of a smoother and faster negotiation process. In fact, can go home with the car of your dreams much faster with this option.
Here at New Car Canada, you can get pre-approved for up to $45,000 even with a few red flags on your credit score. If you can meet our minimum income requirement, we can approve you instantly without requiring any cosigner for approval. Apply online today and fill out our FREE online application so you’ll know where you stand.

Keep The Monthly Payments Out Of It
The reason why much bad credit car loans Edmonton applicants are taken advantage of is that they reveal their monthly budget to their lender or car dealer. Once you tell your dealer how much you are willing to pay for every month, it is quite easy for them to entice you with offers that are within your budget but is actually more costly than what you have originally set your eyes on. Your dealer would try to present you with a gorgeous vehicle with equal monthly payment but has, in fact, a more spread out loan term duration.
Experts say that if you commit to a loan term option that is more than 5 years or 60 months, you will inevitably end up underwater on your loan. To add, long term bad credit car loans Edmonton option have higher interest rates than what you would have if you choose a shorter loan term. So when you are trying to shop for rates, it is best to keep the monthly payments out of the discussion and ask your lender about the annual percentage rate or the actual cost of the entire loan. Always put into consideration that you are financing a vehicle at a subprime rate and therefore, you must pay it as soon as possible. At least limit yourself to a 3 or 5-year term. If you cannot afford the monthly rate involved in that short term, it means either the loan or car itself is too much for your financial capacity.

Things That You Should Avoid When Getting A Car Loan Option
It is expected that you will be involving yourself with relatively high-interest rates because of your low credit score. Despite that fact, you can still land a reasonably priced bad credit car loans Edmonton option if you avoid doing these common mistakes.

Not Looking At Your Credit Score
You have bad credit, but you should still secure a copy of your credit report so you will know how bad the situation is. If you come unprepared, your dealer would try to offer you overkill interest rates. Shopping with just an “assumption” that your credit is terrible, you will have no choice but to agree with him or her. To avoid this from happening, you should see for yourself and if time permits, take necessary actions to boost up your credit score just before you inquire for bad credit car loans Edmonton rates.

Only Applying At A Single Lending Company
Some people only consider their local bank or credit unions when looking to get financing for a new vehicle. While applying at a lender that you know and you have a concrete history with is advantageous, it is not a guarantee that you are getting the best deal available. Traditional auto loan providers are more uptight when it comes to approving bad credit car loans Edmonton applicants. Moreover, if your credit score is really that terrible, you may not even get approved at all. That is why it is not wise to put all your hopes into one lender. Take advantage of Canada’s competitive car loan market today and continue to shop for bad credit car loans Edmonton rates. Online lenders are now available and provide approvals even to those with very serious red flags on their track record. A great online lender that you must consider applying for is New Car Canada. As long as you have a stable job and can meet the minimum salary requirement, you are instantly guaranteed an approval. No need for a cosigner. It’s simple, fast and best of all FREE of charge. Take the first step today by filling out their 1-minute online application form so you can get free financing quotes for cars that are perfect for you and your family.

Not Investigating Trading-In a Car With Negative Equity
You can use your old vehicle as a means of a down payment through a trade-in deal. However, some of you may still be carrying negative equity on your vehicle. This means that your car is worth less than what you originally owe to your current lender. In addition, you should be wary for bad credit car loans Edmonton lenders offering to pay the outstanding balance when in fact, they are just carrying it over or transferring it to your new auto loan option. With that, you are again at negative equity right at the beginning of your new loan because of your previous remaining balance. So if you know you have negative equity and still want to pursue a trade-in, you must consult with the Canadian Black Book so you can evaluate how much your car actually costs and the remaining difference.

Picking a 6 or 7 Year Loan Term
Bad credit car loans Edmonton options have high-interest rates and so what most people do is spread the duration to lessen the monthly payment. This is a viable strategy if you are in need of a car but with mediocre income. But actually, this is not financially ideal because you are making involving yourself with more debt overall. As what we have previously tackled above, you will be paying more for a vehicle than what its current value holds. So in an event of a total car wreck accident or car theft, your insurance company will only cover for the car’s current black book value leaving you with an outstanding balance. When getting a bad credit car loans Edmonton option, make sure to pay it fast. Keep the loan term to 3 years, if not you can extend it to no more than 5 years, even though 5 years is still relatively long.

Adding A Lot Of Extras/Upgrades and Financing It
In Canada, having an auto insurance coverage is a requirement before you can operate your vehicle. Other extras like extended warranties, rust proofing, and roadside services may be essential depending on your situation but you should not include it in your bad credit car loans Edmonton option. This will add up to your principal debt which means more interest payments. To add, if you acquire it via your car dealer, you are actually buying something which is way cheaper if you shop for it outside your car dealership. Car dealerships top up a few percentage to the originally endorsed bad credit car loans Edmonton rate from various lending partners as their sales commission. So if you don’t have an insurance policy yet, it is best to look for options outside your car dealership. Lastly, you should also assess your situation and consider whether or not you really need those kinds of add-ons.

Being Totally Unprepared
If you don’t prepare, then be prepared to fail. Despite the growing competition among auto financing establishments, many consumers still fall prey to overpriced bad credit car loans Edmonton option. For instance, if you don’t know the current status of your credit, your lender might say that he can only offer you this rate since your credit score is alleged “too low” to get approved for an even better offer, when in fact it still can. Another scenario is when you miss out on limited promos for bad credit car loans Edmonton option due to lack of research. Situations like these may seem trivial to you but it really adds up and affects your chance of landing a more favorable option. Just like any scenario in our daily lives, being aptly prepared opens up a lot of opportunities for you. So you won’t miss out on the best bargaining auto loan prices available in your area, take advantage of New Car Canada’s free online application today. They can give you FREE financing quotes for any type of car you want at a price within your budget. Whatever your current credit history is, they can easily find a bad credit car loans Edmonton option that’s favorable for you.

Rushing Decisions
Buying a car is one of the most thrilling phenomenon that you will ever experience. Needless to say, one can’t help but get enticed with how manufacturers build and design their respective vehicles. Whether you fall victim to a “take it or leave it to offer” or got caught with the new car fever, nothing good comes out when you rush things. So keep calm and patiently shop from various dealerships until you can ascertain that you have the right deal possible. This not only applies for when car shopping, the same principle must be applied when canvassing for bad credit car loans Edmonton options. Don’t get fooled by “now or never” statements, that deal would still be there tomorrow – guaranteed. If not, then you can simply go to other dealerships.

At the end of the day, financing a car is a huge and long-term commitment. Be smart and strategic about it so you won’t end up with a bad credit car loans Edmonton option that is way beyond your means to pay for. If you really can’t find an option that works for you, you can either way until your credit score is good enough, or just settle for buying a reliable, used car for now just to satisfy your transportation needs. You don’t want to force things and end up with an even worse credit score than it was at the beginning.

Is it Possible To Get Approved For A Car Loan w/ A Consumer Proposal Loan?
Yes, having a consumer proposal loan won’t hinder you from becoming a car owner in Canada. While a consumer proposal loan is a serious red flag, it is obviously way better than a bankruptcy since your assets won’t be seized and to the eyes of a lender, it shows that you are willing to settle your unpaid debts or balances. The fact that you are working your way just to make successful payments is enough to an understanding lender. In fact, consumer proposals are becoming more rampant these days and lenders are now searching for ways in order to accommodate car buyers having this type of loan on their record. As long as you have kept timely payments, never missing a single deadline, then you can definitely secure an approval for bad credit car loans Edmonton option. To further strengthen your case, you can ask for a letter of recommendation from your consumer proposal administrator proving that you have been on time on your monthly obligations. Talk to one of our financing agents today by applying online at New Car Canada. Get to know more about how our bad credit car loans Edmonton deals can help you get the car you need – quick and easy.

Things To Think About For First Time Car Buyers
Although car financing has generally been more available than ever, a lot of consumers still don’t know how it works that’s why a lot of them fall into a “debt treadmill”. There are a lot of factors that come into play if you want to get financed the right way, especially for bad credit car loans Edmonton applicants. For first time car buyers, here are some aspects and components that you must look into when financing a car for the first time.

How Much Should Be The Down Payment
While no down payment car loan options are already available it is not wise to take advantage of those offers. Saving up for a hefty down payment will give you significant savings in the long run. It will prevent you from getting upside down on your loan and give you a chance to get approved for a low-interest bad credit car loans Edmonton option. To add, because brand new cars suffer an initial depreciation rate of 20 percent right away, you must be prepared to pay for at least the same amount as down payment to gain equity in your asset. This will protect you from having an outstanding balance in the unfortunate event of accident or loss of a vehicle.
Monthly Payments
Next up of course are the monthly payments. Setting a budget is not that hard, but sticking to it is where the challenge lies. Financing experts recommend setting your budget to within 20 percent of your gross monthly income. So if you are currently earning $2,500 per month, your ideal monthly budget for car expenses should not exceed more than $500 every month. Moreover, you should also consider extra expenses like car insurance, periodic maintenance, and possible auto repairs.
Unfortunately, being an inexperienced buyer, there is a chance that you can get easily swayed by car dealers to go for a much better vehicle. They will say that it is just a few bucks over your budget and will make it seem like the monthly rate difference is negligible but when in fact, it will add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long term. To avoid this, you can always ask someone to come with you, preferably a person that knows his or her way around car financing. This lessens the instance of a salesperson talking you into something that could cost you other necessary obligations. Cars should not be looked at as an investment (if for private use) because they are depreciable assets. So you shouldn’t pour all your financial resources to car expenses, particularly when financing with a bad credit car loans Edmonton option.

Go For A Pre-Approval Or Not?
You can either apply via dealer financing or shop your loan separately from your car. For individuals with bad credit, getting pre-approved for a bad credit car loans Edmonton option allows you for a faster and smoother negotiation process.
While dealership financing offers convenience because you can easily pick a car and have your dealer set up financing options for you, it may come at the cost of marked up auto loan rates. Meanwhile, in a pre-approval, you have the freedom to shop for rates from lending institutions and compared them one by one at your leisure. Needless to say, this will somehow give you the feeling of assurance that you have done your best to get approved for the right bad credit car loans Edmonton option.
Once you already have your bad credit car loans Edmonton request approved, you can go inside a dealership with much more confidence, thus you can really get into haggling for the price of the car you want rather than putting financing details in the mix. Moreover, seeming like a “cash buyer” this would give you, even more, leverage to bargain for a better deal for the car you have been eyeing for.

Keep An Eye Out For Pre-Payment Penalties
Go over the details and always read the fine print before signing anything. More importantly, ask your lender for any prepayment fees. This aspect can affect you in a lot of ways. For instance, if you decide to refinance your bad credit car loans Edmonton option for a prime rate or when you simply want to pay off your loan earlier than the set term so you can trade in your car for a newer vehicle. Either way, you should clarify this to your lender so it won’t affect your future endeavors.

It is an undeniable fact that cars play a major role in our lives today. Automobiles have become a necessity, an indispensable asset that every household should have. Simply put, people are highly dependent on cars and because of this, many are easily persuaded or taken advantaged of. So be a smart consumer and always weigh your options. Even with how worse your credit situation might seem, there are still options that don’t involve you getting into overkill bad credit car loans Edmonton rates. Remember these simple pointers so you can get the best good credit or bad credit car loans Edmonton option possible.

How To Get Out Of Bad Credit
Repairing your damaged credit is a process and entails a lot of diligence and commitment. But more importantly, you have to be patient as well as there is no really quick fix to a bad credit score. The best advice that you will ever get from experts is to manage your credit situation over time. But in order to do that effectively, you need to become intimate with your credit report. Study it well and identify areas where improvements are badly needed. Here are other things that you need to consider in order to get out of bad credit.

Paying Bills On Time
Some of you may have gotten themselves stuck with a bad credit car loans Edmonton option with high-interest rates. And because of that, paying on time may be quite a challenge especially if you are juggling other financial obligations as well. To make things more manageable for you, you can opt to refinance on a longer loan term. Yes, this does not make financial sense because you will have to spend more money overall than what your car is worth for but at least, with this option, you can easily keep up with monthly payments. Payment history carries 35 percent of your credit score which is the highest among all of its components. In fact, if you can, you can use your credit card to pay for groceries and then paying them promptly later on. This will help slowly boost up your credit score.
If you have trouble keeping up with all your monthly obligations, set up a payment reminder. For those who have bad credit car loans Edmonton, you can always create a payment setup in which the monthly payment for your bad credit car loans Edmonton is automatically deducted or debited from your bank account on or before the deadline. This way, you won’t unnecessarily spend money on other expenses which you can’t really afford given you are still paying for your vehicle. You can also do this for your credit card bills and other household utilities like electric bills, mobile data plan, and the likes.

Reducing Your Total Debt
This sounds so much easier on your screen than actually doing it but hey, debts still need to be paid off. In addition, knowing that you have successfully paid off your debts sound more satisfying than the consequent effect of an improved credit score. First off, you need to minimize your credit card usage. Refer to your credit score and make a list of all open accounts that you have with their respective outstanding balance. Moreover, identify which among them have the highest charged interest rate and prioritize that account. Come up with a payment plan in such a way that you can pay off your prioritized account as fast as you can, all the while maintaining minimum payment son those with relatively lower interest rates.
If you are current debt is taken up by your current bad credit car loans Edmonton and less on credit card, paying a huge amount like this one will have a huge positive impact on your credit score. Never rush things when it comes to bad credit auto financing. It will affect your credit situation in a number of ways.

Length Of Credit History
If you are relatively new to credit management, you must not be too eager to open new accounts rapidly. Opening new accounts will consequently lower your estimated account age thus affecting your credit score. Moreover, traditional lenders want to see no credit or bad credit car loans Edmonton applicants that are currently handling too many accounts with very less credit information. To their eyes, you are a risk because it would come out as if you are very much eager to take on debt, which borders recklessness.

Improving It With Bad Credit Car Loans Edmonton
This method is effective and may seem more of a necessary step since people have become highly dependent on cars. Although you really have to be cautious in picking your bad credit car loans Edmonton option. Having this huge transaction on your credit history and successfully paying it off ON TIME will greatly boost your credit score. But on the other hand, if you fall prey to overpriced bad credit car loans Edmonton option and struggle with the monthly rate, you will have more problems than what you already had from the start.
Consult your bank for rates and compare it with other lending companies. You can shop for multiple inquiries but you have to limit it to within 14 days to minimize damage brought about by credit inquiries. You can also look for bad credit car loans Edmonton options online through trusted car financing sites. This way, you don’t have to shop around the city yourself. Take advantage of sites like New Car Canada. They work with dealerships all over the country and can guarantee an instant approval for an affordable bad credit car loans Edmonton option, regardless of credit history.

Get Approved For The Car You Want Within Your Budget
New Car Canada has helped thousands of Canadians with their car financing needs. Unlike conventional lenders, we provide guaranteed approvals and unsurpassed customer service, no matter how terrible your credit looks. We believe that everybody deserves a shot at redemption. Just because you made a few credit mistakes in the past, doesn’t mean you have to wait for years just to get financed for the car you need. Even if you have had bankruptcy, collections, consumer proposals or no credit history at all, our team of financing specialist can get you approved effortlessly. With wide range of dealership partners, our financing services are available to everyone in Canada, regardless of their location. But most importantly, we would only present you financing quotes that are within your set budget. Whether you are looking to get financing for a brand new or pre-owned vehicle, we are here to help you out. Take advantage of our FREE 1-minute online application today and learn more about our financing options. New Car Canada has the fastest online approval process in the country. Overcome bad credit, apply today!


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Edmonton is arguably one of Canada’s most popular cities. Otherwise referred to as ‘The Gateway to The North’, it boasts of a population of more than a million people. The city’s median household income is quite high, sitting at $93,410. Transportation to and from the city and even within the city is mainly by road. Having a car here is, therefore, a big plus for anyone working or even studying. There are several car financing options available to borrowers with high, average or low credit scores. Auto loan application is easy for any applicant with a clean driving record, an impressive credit score, and any other factor that one’s preferred lender may choose to consider while approving an auto loan application.