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If you’re looking to buy a brand new car in Ottawa, we guarantee an auto loan approval even if you have:

  • Strong Credit
  • Gone through Bankruptcy
  • Awful Credit
  • No Credit Score
  • R7 on Credit
  • Delinquent Payer
  • Auto Repossessions
  • Newly Migrated to Canada
  • Recently Been Divorced

Prepare these simple pre-requisites to secure an approval within 24 Hours in Ottawa:

  • A stable month gross income of at least $1,800
  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance
bad credit car loans Ottawa

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Driving home the car that you really want is now within reach. No matter what your current credit situation is, we can help you find an option that will suit you best. New Car Canada guarantees all of its applicants bad credit car loans Ottawa approval within 24 hours! We are the biggest and most reliable auto loan provider so wherever you may be in the country, you can get approved.

Application is FREE so you’ve got nothing to lose. It just takes about a minute to complete. After you’ve completely filled out their online application form, all you have to do is wait to be approved within the day. So, if you’re looking for a car, minivan, SUV, or truck, we can help you get financed for it. Hurry and apply now so you can already go on your way and buy your own car.

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  • NO need to pay a down payment.
  • Secure an approval and avail of up to $40,000 auto financing.
  • Get the car that you desire whether sedan, SUV, minivan, or truck. Over 5,000 options to choose from!
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Apply for our quick and easy loan. Application is free, fast, safe. It will only take you less than a minute. No need to find someone as a co-signer or show your SIN #. All your information is safe with us because we value privacy.

Apply here using your mobile phone or laptop and get approved for the car that you really want without leaving the comforts of home. As long as you show a stable job history and a relatively decent salary, you can own that car of your dreams. Act now and become a proud car owner!


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Bad Credit Car Loans Ottawa – Apply now

Buying a car is a big life decision and it involves a huge investment. By choosing payment options that suit your situation, acquiring a car through a loan isn’t as hard as it sounds. You might not even notice that you have already paid off you loan in full! When getting bad credit car loans Ottawa or car loans Ontario, you should only consider working with reputable providers. With the right car loan, you can drive home your dream car without overspending for it. Choose our bad credit car loans Ottawa option and enjoy your dream car!

Bad Credit Car Loans Ottawa – Get Pre-Approved

Look for one that offers the quick, simple, and fast application and approval process. Also, choose a lender that understands your needs and is willing to finance your car purchase even without a cosigner involved. This way, you do not have to think about too much and waste a lot of time on non-essential things. You can instantly move to buying your car and driving it home! Learn more about Bad Credit Car Loans Ottawa.

Instant Bad Credit Car Loans Ottawa

Talk of modern urban centers today and all one is likely to think of is the 2007/08 recession. But Ottawa stands out as an unusual survivor. The city is, in fact, one of the safest places to call home as far as the economy is concerned. With a population of over a million people, Ottawa boasts of a median household income of $93,440 which is at the moment the highest in Canada. Calgary comes in second, while Edmonton comes in third. Would you like to read more about Bad Credit Car Loans Ottawa?

Bad Credit Car Loans Ottawa – Approved With Any CreditAnyone within the median income can, of course, find it easy to own a car. This should, however, not be a cause of concern as there are lenders that offer loans for borrowers with low scores. Get bad credit car loan in Ottawa today!

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Where to Start Looking For Bad Credit Car Loans Ottawa Options
To those who don’t know you can definitely use a bad credit car loans Ottawa to improve your credit score and enjoy the luxury of having your own vehicle. While looking for a financing option with a bad credit score can be tough, it is not an impossible task. But getting approved for an auto loan option is relatively easy, finding an affordable bad credit car loans Ottawa option is hard and is what we are really after. The most important aspect when looking to get financed is finding a lender that is willing to help you in the first place. So where should you start looking for financing options? Let’s check them out one by one.

Your Own Local BankBanks are among the most popular places to get financing from. Whether you are financing a new house, a car or any other type of loan, most banks have it for you. You can start your search in your own local bank especially if you have been their client for quite some time already. If you have a relatively good credit, you won’t have any problem securing a reasonable deal but if you have a few blemishes on your credit history (can only get approved for bad credit car loans Ottawa offers), it may present a bit of a problem for you. While banks do offer bad credit car loans Ottawa options, you may have to satisfy other additional requirements just to get approved. For example, they may ask you to find a cosigner or put a huge down payment. To add, their bad credit car loans Ottawa options often have very high-interest rates and they are very firm with their endorsed rates as well. But nevertheless, you can still inquire for their rates to somehow give you an idea of where you stand.

Being a Member of A Credit UnionLocal credit unions function almost similarly with banks, unfortunately, they only provide financing options to their members, who are essentially owners of the credit union as well. Because of the fact that credit unions are nonprofit organizations, their operating costs are relatively low and their bad credit car loans Ottawa can be fairly competitive. If you are a member, you can definitely enjoy rates that are well within your comfortable price range. In fact, many individuals sign up as members just to take advantage of the credit union’s favorable financing programs.

Dealership Financing

Dealership financing offers convenience and accessibility on your part as a buyer since you can just pick a vehicle and obtain a financing option for it through the car dealership itself. Once you have chosen a vehicle, your dealer can prepare everything for you effortlessly. But if you really want to get approved for a reasonable rate, settling for a dealership financing may not be your best option. Car dealers have multiple lending partners which they collaborate with in order to sell good credit, no credit and bad credit car loans Ottawa options. In return for their service, they can markup said offers and profit from it as a sales commission. More often than not, the deals that they give you will be much more expensive than when you shop directly on various lending institutions. That is the downside when you opt for dealership financing.

Online Bad Credit Car Loans Ottawa Providers
Giving you the best of both worlds, online car financing allows you to get approved for a bad credit car loans Ottawa option anywhere at anytime. Since you can easily submit your application online and get approved all in the comforts of your home, you don’t need to get out of your way just to inquire for rates. By simply applying using your smartphone, a financing specialist will give you a call and discuss financing quotes for cars that you might want to drive. And contrary to what most consumers believe, online lenders can offer very competitive bad credit car loans Ottawa rates as well. Because of lesser operating costs and wide network of car dealer partners, you can virtually shop for any car you want without ever leaving your home. With that, you can significantly save time and browse financing quotes from various car dealerships near you all at the same time. This allows you to compare bad credit car loans Ottawa interest rates and their corresponding monthly payments at your own pace. You won’t have to talk personally with persuasive salesmen or get intimidated by sales tactics.

Getting Approved The Right Way
Does everybody want to get a great deal on any type of purchase, what more if it’s a huge purchase like a new car right? With that being said, regardless of your current credit score, you can definitely get approved for a good credit, bad credit car loans Ottawa option that is right for your budget.
Financing a vehicle is a huge and long-term commitment, so you have to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to secure an approval for the best option currently available in the market. If you have a reliable credit score, getting approved for a favorable financing option may not be a problem for you. But if it’s another way around, it can be challenging but, it is NOT impossible. Here are a few things that you need to look out for when applying for a bad credit car loans Ottawa option.

Make The Necessary Preparations
A credit score may not clearly present you everything, but your credit report does. A credit report displays all the information you have as a borrower and vital components that lead to the calculation of your current credit score. Simply put, it shows all the activities that you’ve had with your credit accounts – credit card bills, student loan, housing loan, the existing number of accounts and the likes. If you have gone through collections or bankruptcy, it will stay on your credit report for 7 years even if you have already settled those transactions. On the other hand, if you have been making timely payments, paid off other debts and basically doing everything you can to improve your current credit situation, it would also reflect on your credit report. This aspect is what’s interesting to the eyes of bad credit car loans Ottawa providers.
In short, even with your poor credit score, you can still get easily approved if you’ve shown your lender through your credit report good credit management. So if you are looking to obtain bad credit car loans Ottawa option, get started by requesting a copy of your credit report. Address immediate issues like missed payments, misleading information/erroneous data, pay off relatively small debts and regulate the use of your credit card. Being prepared in advance gives you a huge advantage and may just get you an affordable bad credit car loans Ottawa option.

Savings Account For A Big Down Payment
If you already have an account, saving up for a hefty down payment by depositing it directly into your bank account ensures you that you won’t be able to use it for other unnecessary expenses. Yes, every situation is different but this technique works best if you really want to reach your desired target amount.
Although no down payment bad credit car loans Ottawa options are readily accessible, it is not advised. If it’s possible, you should always opt for at least a 20 percent down payment to avoid inflating your interest payments. Having a bigger principal debt would directly mean higher interest payment overall. Bear in mind that you are financing a car with a bad credit car loans Ottawa option, so no matter what you do, you must accept the fact that the interest rates will be relatively high. The only way to minimize your expenses is to lower your total debt which can be done by making a big down payment. In addition, this would also help you avoid getting upside down or underwater on your loan. Cars are depreciating assets, especially if you are buying a brand new car. These vehicles immediately lose more or less 20 percent of their market value once you take it out of your dealer’s hands. By paying money down by the same amount, you gain equity over your loan.
Shorter The Better
Whichever type of loan, short term loans are always financially ideal than long term loans. We say “financially ideal” because it saves you more money overall, but however, not everyone can afford the monthly rate involved in shorter loan terms. Despite that fact, you must still strive to find a vehicle that you can afford to pay for a 3-year or 5-year bad credit car loans Ottawa term. Unlike appreciating assets like house and lot, cars lose value over time making it not good as an investment. And anything that is depreciable, should be paid off as early as possible. With cars, paying it off early will allow you to gain equity in your vehicle.
Car owners who choose an extended loan term (usually 7 years) typically get upside down on their bad credit car loans Ottawa options. They are actually paying more for their cars than its actual worth. In turn, even if they decide to sell their vehicle, the proceeds won’t be enough to cover the remaining balance.
So as much as possible, you should set the loan duration at 3 years, 5 years is already a bit of a stretch. If you are unable to afford the monthly rate involved in a short term loan, this means the vehicle you picked is way above your current salary. To add, you must not forget to include other miscellaneous expenses like regular car care and maintenance, fuel costs, after sales tax and auto insurance premiums.

Picking An Auto Insurance Policy
In Canada, having a car insurance policy is an absolute requirement. Just like a driver’s license, all drivers must carry car insurance papers with them, wherever the destination may be. With that, here is a short guide on how to pick the right car insurance coverage for your car.

Kind Of Insurance Needed
There are various types of insurance. You can just go for the minimum required third party property insurance policy ( for when you are at fault or have caused damage to another person’s property) or you can go for the full package – comprehensive auto insurance policy. If you are currently financing a brand new vehicle with a bad credit car loans Ottawa option, getting the comprehensive type of protection may just be the right direction for you, especially if your car is relatively expensive. As its name suggests, comprehensive car insurance gives you full coverage or top level protection from all instances of car loss or damage as indicated in your insurer’s insurance policy. If your budget allows for it, you can also supplement it with a GAP insurance option. GAP insurance covers the amount difference between your car’s current black book value and the remaining balance of your loan. Customers with bad credit car loans Ottawa should avail of this add-on because it is more than likely that you have not gain equity over your loan yet. In simpler terms, if your car got totally wrecked in an unfortunate accident, your primary auto insurance coverage will not be enough to cover the outstanding balance of your loan. This is another reason why car buyers must place a down payment and stay out of no down payment bad credit car loans Ottawa offers.
Lastly, the average price of auto insurance premiums varies per state or province. Do your own research and shop for rates so you’ll know the best-offered insurance premium.

Clarifying the Details
The days of reading unclear contracts and blurry legalese or over. Today, you can easily access and download forms or policies so you can carefully read them at your own leisure before inking the deal. Moreover, if you are having a hard time understanding your insurance policy, you must not hesitate to contact your insurer and ask him or her questions. NEVER sign any document until you have full comprehension of the contract. The same goes for first-time car buyers applying for bad credit car loans Ottawa offers.

Exceptional Customer Service
Last but not least is your insurance company’s customer service “prowess”. What you want is an insurance provider that is easily accessible, quick processing/response time and most importantly, is really interested in helping you with your needs. You are acquiring an auto insurance coverage and with that, you will be consulting with your insurance provider during time-sensitive matters or in relation to cash reimbursements and the likes. Excellent customer service is a given in you are dealing with a reputable insurance firm or company.

Just like picking out a good credit or bad credit car loans Ottawa option, working with the best simply yields better results. With so many options available in today’s market, you can easily obtain a competitive insurance premium rate if you just do proper research.

How To Get Instantly Approved For A Bad Credit Car Loans Ottawa
Having a few blemishes on your credit report is not something that you should be ashamed of. In fact, thousands of individuals in Canada have credit scores below 600 (average score considered as having a bad credit). And unlike the olden days, you don’t need to wait until you have a relatively high credit score just to get approved for a favorable financing option. The auto finance market has become very competitive and a lot of lenders have become very flexible with their rates, even options for bad credit car loans Ottawa applicants.
To further supplement your chances of getting approved, here is effective car buying guide and tips for bad credit auto financing.

Bringing A Cosigner
Looking for a person willing to co-finance your loan is difficult. Not to mention, you need to have a cosigner with good credit to compensate for your bad credit score. But if you do manage to find one, having a cosigner by your side will definitely up the odds of the coveted instant approval. To add, a cosigner might also give you a chance to haggle for a better bad credit car loans Ottawa rate. In fact, experts say that if you manage to find a cosigner with excellent credit, you can easily get approved for a financing option at near prime rate. Since lending institutions primarily base their bad credit car loans Ottawa rates on your creditworthiness, having a cosigner to supplement what you lack in credit will consequently lower the risks involved, in the perspective of your lender.

Shopping For Options Online
Traditional auto loan companies are a bit stiffer when it comes to bad credit car loans Ottawa rates compared to online lenders. Moreover, online auto financing is undeniably more convenient and easily accessible wherever you may be. Their application process is simple and you can get approved as fast as 24 hours, given you have submitted the corresponding requirements. Other than sublime convenience, the relatively lower operating costs of online bad credit car loans Ottawa providers allows them to offer competitive car financing rates.
Most of these sites have various dealership partners which allow you to conveniently shop for financing quotes in a wide range of car dealerships, in that short span of time. That’s another great advantage when you opt for an online car financing option. A proven and trusted name that you can definitely try applying for is New Car Canada. The company offers guaranteed 24-hour approval regardless of your credit history. Applying is absolutely free with no obligation to accept any offer you receive. New Car Canada has a wide network of car dealership partners that can provide you with affordable financing quotes for any type of car you want, FREE of charge. Take advantage of our FREE application today and learn more about how our financing options can help you out.

Ask For The Total Cost, NOT The Monthly Rate
You can as for rates from various lending institutions while minimizing hard inquiry damage to your credit score if you do all inquiries within 2 weeks. Major credit bureaus count multiple inquiries as one if you do it within that time span. Take advantage of this “grace period” so you’ll know which option is a good fit for you financially.
When looking for rates, you must ask for the total cost of the bad credit car loans Ottawa rather than use monthly rate as the basis for your decision. Focusing on monthly rate alone can be sometimes misleading because your lender might have gotten that relatively low rate by spreading the total cost of the loan into a 6 or 7-year auto loan term – and you never want this when financing a car with bad credit. All that being said, you must clearly ask for the annual percentage rate and pick a shorter loan term. For a better reference and comparison, you can make use of free online auto loan calculator from various auto loan sites.
Moreover, you should also ask your lender if refinancing is allowed and if it is, will they charge you for a prepayment penalty fee(s). Later on, your credit score might be good enough to qualify for a prime rate financing option or maybe there are special bad credit car loans Ottawa options available in the market. If you managed to get approved for a better bad credit car loans Ottawa option, you can use it to pay off your existing loan but now, you are paying for your car at a much favorable rate. This is what happens when you refinance your current loan As you can see, asking your lender about a refinancing option is important so that any of your future decisions won’t get affected.

Establishing A Solid Credit
In the financing world, you need credit in order to get an effortless approval and more importantly, avail of the best financing rates possible. In fact, having a poor credit is way better than having no credit history at all. You can even get approved for an affordable bad credit car loans Ottawa options relatively easier nowadays. To start building your own credit, we have come up with a short guide for you.

Get A Secured Credit Card
Start by opening a secured credit card account. To those who are not familiar, a secured credit card is backed by a cash deposit which is paid upfront and also serves as a credit limit. Just like any credit card, you can use a secured credit card to pay for utilities, payments for grocery and buy any stuff. You also have to pay for interest if you don’t pay your monthly dues in full – basically, it is literally like a credit card. However, secured credit cards are not really meant for long-term use. The main reason for it is so that you can use it to establish a credit history that will be enough to qualify you for an unsecured credit card. Unsecured credit cards don’t need an advance cash deposit and have much better perks. Select a secured credit card that has an affordable annual fee and makes sure that your provider reports directly to all 3 major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Slowly but surely, you can build up to a target credit score that will allow you to further apply for bigger purchases.

Applying For A Car Loan
In order to build credit, you have to make purchases in order to keep your credit line active. A fast way of doing so is to apply for a no credit or bad credit car loans Ottawa option. Moreover, cars are of urgent necessity so depending on your situation, waiting until your credit score is good enough may not apply to you especially if your job entails a lot of driving around. Fortunately, lending institutions are much more flexible and lenient compared before. As long as you are regularly employed and earning a decent income, you are immediately approved for a no credit, bad credit car loans Ottawa option.
You have to put in mind also that auto loan options like these are set at subprime rates which mean the loan itself is pricey. In order to counter this, you have to pick a car that is less expensive and you must place a hefty down payment, if possible. The goal is to lower your principal debt to lessen the costs to interest payments.
A credit score is calculated based on 5 components: payment history, credit utilization, the length of credit, new credit and mix of credit. Among these 5 parts, payment history carries the biggest percentage, amounting to 35 percent. Payment history refers to how timely you are on your monthly bills. So by that, if you can keep up with your monthly payment on your bad credit car loans Ottawa, your credit score will improve significantly in no time at all. Along the way, if your credit is good enough to qualify you for a prime car loan option, you can then choose to refinance your bad credit car loans Ottawa for an option with a much better rate.

How To: Obtain The Best Quotes For The Car You Want
When shopping for your next car, it is important to explore all the options you have so you know you are getting the best offer possible. But first, getting pre-approved for an auto loan option from the right lender is the first step that you should take. If you can only get approved for a bad credit car loans Ottawa option, then you must secure a financing option first before going to any dealership. After that, you can begin searching for quotations on the short list of cars that you are looking to obtain.

Picking A Car Dealership
Having a reliable car dealership as your partner makes your car buying experience smoother and worthwhile. A good car dealership is not only interested in landing you as a client but is more interested in helping you find the car you need at a price within your budget. If you have had the chance to establish a good working relationship with your local car dealership, the better. As most car buyers tend to forget, buying a car is just an initial step and maintaining it in order to meet or exceed its lifespan is another. Having a well-established relationship with your car dealer, it will be easier for you in times of regular periodic maintenance or any unforeseen vehicle repairs. This will grant you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in great hands. Even though you are financing a car with a bad credit car loans Ottawa option, having a reliable car dealer by your side definitely helps a lot.

Visit The Lots Personally
While you can get what you need right away through the internet, personally shopping around car dealerships still gives more assurance rather than depending solely on internet ads. Sure, you can use the internet as the reference but needless to say, you still have to check it for yourself. Also, you can personally evaluate the car dealership’s reliability and level of customer service. Buying a car requires personal touch as well since it is a huge and long-term investment. Just like when searching for a bad credit car loans Ottawa offer, you need to do everything you can so you can get the best deal possible.
You need to be extra patient and diligent when it comes to shopping for your next vehicle. If you rush things too fast, there’s a chance that you will be missing out on other options that just might be what you need. Keep your eyes peeled for promos on bad credit car loans Ottawa especially during big holiday events. Timing your purchase during the end of every month, quarter or year-end as these are the times when car dealers are inclined to negotiation just to reach their sales quota.

Choosing A Car That Is Within Your Price Range
You never want to end up with a car that is way too expensive for you to begin with. When deciding on a car, you must put your needs first before wants especially with other essential obligations that you’d have to factor in. It doesn’t mean that you’d have to settle for a car that you half-heartedly like, what we are pointing out is that you have to balance the situation so you can still enjoy the best of both worlds.
Even with a bad credit car loans Ottawa option in your hands, rest assured a little bit of research and advance planning will surely help you get the car you want at a price within your budget.

Balancing Needs Versus Wants
The vehicle you pick could be your only car for the next 3 or 5 years. So you have to ensure that it is a perfect fit for your lifestyle needs and also satisfy your “wants” in a vehicle. But when push comes to shove, functionality definitely rules over flash. Determine your everyday routine and the usual passengers that you’d have to carpool with. Consider the following questions: Do you have a big family? Are outdoor adventures your thing? Does the nature of your job entail a lot of hauling? Do you usually take a long commute? How much parking space do you have at home?
Answering these basic questions will help you create a shortlist of vehicles that could possibly satisfy your everyday needs. Moreover, you must also consider the fact that paying for a good credit or bad credit car loans Ottawa is different from the operating costs of being a car owner.

Weighing The Cost Of Car Ownership
While some cars have an affordable price tag on them, they may be expensive to maintain. Two different cars might have the same price, but how to depreciate varies from one another. In addition, the type of vehicle you own could entail either low insurance cost or higher insurance premium.
That being said, before you decidedly commit to a vehicle, you should consider factors for the long haul. These factors include periodic maintenance, fuel efficiency/consumption, auto insurance premium, and depreciation. You can refer to the Canadian Black Book as the reference if you opt to get approved for a used car bad credit car loans Ottawa option so you know what the average price to haggle for.

Making A Budget
Setting a budget sounds easier than it seems. While most people think it is all about determining the monthly rate, you could end up spending more for your car than what you have originally set for yourself. For starters, calculate your other essential obligations and how much you need to set aside as savings. You can make use of free online home budget calculators from various sites. A good place to limit your budget is to spend not more than 20 percent of your take-home income on car expenses. While not all situations are the same, using this guide as a benchmark will ensure that you can definitely pay for your vehicle.
If you are financing with bad credit car loans Ottawa option, your options for the car you’d want to take home with might be limited because of the relatively high-interest rates involved. While car dealers might set you up with a high-end vehicle set at a low monthly rate, this is large because the total cost of the bad credit car loans Ottawa option is spread out in a longer loan term duration. This could work for you given that we live in a cash flow society but financially speaking, it is very likely that you will get upside down on your loan.
When you are upside down on your loan, you still owe more on your car even after you have sold it due to interest payments. Moreover, if you get in a car accident, your car insurance provider will only cover for the car’s current depreciated value thus you end up paying for a vehicle that you can’t use. So putting these scenarios into consideration, setting a budget that you can actually sustain for the long haul is CRUCIAL.

Sticking To Your Budget
One can’t stress enough why sticking to a budget must be an absolute necessity. Cars are very alluring nowadays and you may find yourself wanting more but is way above your financial capacity to pay. A good way to encourage yourself to stick to a given budget is by getting pre-approved for a bad credit car loans Ottawa option. You can easily secure a pre-approval from online sites like New Car Canada, regardless of your credit history. These online sites are much more lenient compared to traditional lending institutions.
Getting pre-approved also allows you to shop freely from various car dealerships without having to worry about where to get financing from. You can focus more on negotiating for the price of the vehicle you have chosen and not be vulnerable to car salesman mixing up the price with financing options. Essentially to them, you are a cash buyer since you carry around a “blank check” with you. But take note that this is not really a “blank check” since you are limited by the total amount of financing you are allowed for. While it may seem like an extra step, a car loan pre-approval is actually much faster and makes for a smoother negotiation process.

Equipping yourself with the tools you need before actually shopping for rates or financing quotes for the car you want is the key to success. Anyone can just step inside a dealership without being prepared but this does not guarantee you that you are getting the best deal available. If you are not prepared, then be prepared to fail. Being one step ahead definitely pays off.


Talk of modern urban centers today and all one is likely to think of is the 2007/08 recession. But Ottawa stands out as an unusual survivor. The city is, in fact, one of the safest places to call home as far as the economy is concerned. With a population of over a million people, Ottawa boasts of a median household income of $93,440 which is at the moment the highest in Canada. Calgary comes in second, while Edmonton comes in third. Anyone within the median income can, of course, find it easy to own a car. This should, however, not be a cause of concern as there are lenders that offer loans for borrowers with low scores.