Bad Credit Car Loans Vancouver

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Instant Online Vehicle Loan Approval No Matter What Your Credit Score

If you are living in Vancouver and has the following disposition, worry no more!

  • Good Credit Standing
  • Bad Credit Standing
  • No Credit Standing
  • Been Bankrupt
  • Debts
  • Delayed Payments
  • Repossessions
  • New To The Country
  • Been Through Divorce Recently

Get Approved in Vancouver by submitting only three requirements:

  • Monthly income of $1800 the least
  • Has a valid driver’s license
  • Is able to purchase his insurance
Bad credit car loans Vancouver

Drive Home Your Dream Car Today!

New Car Canada will approve your car loan application regardless of your credit history in Vancouver. Over 2,000 vehicles in stock may it be cars, suvs or trucks. We have it for you! You choose the kind of car you like – no questions! Getting a car loan has never been easier at New Car Canada.

We will get you approved then ask us about no money down auto loan. Simply fill out the short application for and get the feedback in 24 hours or less!

After You’re Approved… Pick Any Brand Of Car

Mazda Mitschubuschi Subaru Mercedes Toyota Smart Lexus Scion Fiat Hyundai Nissan Kia Ford Honda Chrysler Ram Jeep Mini Dodge BMW Alfa Romeo Acura

Fast and Secure Vehicle Financing Approval Process in [cf_geo return=”region” default=”Ontario”]

New Car Canada is here to help you.

  • Regardless of your credit score – we will get you approved!
  • Fast Application approval – Just 24 Hours or Less!
  • Pick any car and get ZERO downpayment!
  • We offer auto financing from $5000 upto %45000! You can choose the car that you like!
  • Choose the car that you would like to drive may it be a car, sedan, SUV, or a truck!
  • Application is FREE. No obligation to Buy. Upon approval – the decision is entirely yours!
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get car loan pre-arpproved in Vancouver
Why choose Bad credit car loans Vancouver

With over 93% Approval Rate, we make sure that our clients from Vancouver gets the deal they deserve.

As soon as you apply one of our representatives will call you to confirm your application. No matter what your credit we will approve your auto loan. One requirement is that you’re earning $1800 or more per month in Vancouver, if you’re not you can get a co-signer to add to the auto financing to get approved. What if I don’t want a credit check or share my credit history/SIN? You’ll eventually have to – there’s no way around this. It’s required by law when you deal with any and all financial institutions.

Our goal is to help good people with bad credit. If you have no credit, bad credit, going through bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, it will put you at a disadvantage when looking for big ticket items.

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bad credit accepted in Vancouver


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Bad Credit Car loans Vancouver – Get Pre-Approved

Having poor credit does not mean you can never buy your own car. Moreover, having poor credit does not mean you never apply and get approved for an auto loan. It does not work that way. Although it may be a little more challenging for people with poor credit to buy a car or get approved for an auto loan, it is not impossible.

Bad credit car loans Vancouver Options

If you are looking at the right places, you can definitely find an auto loan service that will extend a helping hand and assist you financially on your car purchase. Just make sure that you are looking at a trusted provider, otherwise, it might just be very tedious and end up a waste of time. How would you know?

Bad Credit Car Loans Vancouver – Auto Loans With Poor Credit

Check the services offered by the auto loan provider and find out what others say about them. If you see an auto loan provider with the highest approved loans, chances are, they have helped more people get the car they want. That is the kind of auto loan provider that you should be looking for. Then, just look at what other benefits they can give you like FREE application, next-day approval guarantee, ZERO down payment, no obligation to buy, and more!

Get car loans Calgary or bad credit car loans Vancouver.

Vancouver, Canada

Multicultural Powerhouse


Known by many as the most populous city in British Columbia, Vancouver is home to more than 600,000. It boats of a mild weather, a strong economy and charming locals. It is by far one of the most linguistically and ethnically diverse cities in Canada, alongside Toronto and Calgary.

The median household income in Vancouver today stands at over $80,000. With road, water and air as the most common modes of transport in Vancouver, owning a car is without a doubt a good idea. Several car loan lenders abound within the city so finding one that can meet one’s needs should be easy.