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We Will Finance Your New Car No Matter What Your Credit Is

All aspiring car buyers in Barrie are assured of an approval including those with:

  • No Credit
  • Impressive Credit Score
  • Lousy Credit
  • Collections
  • Bankruptcy Issues
  • Divorcee
  • Repossessed Cars
  • Immigrant
  • Delayed Payments

We Only Need 3 Things From You Before Getting Approved For A Car Loan in Barrie

  • Can Purchase An Insurance Policy
  • Monthly Compensation of $1,800
  • Legit License to Drive
Approval for car loan with bad credit

You Deserve To Get The Car That You’ve Always Wanted

We will finance your vehicle no matter what your credit is. As long as you have a stable job and income of $1,800 a month, you can immediately secure a car loan option from us. All of our transactions are handled online so you can easily submit your application using any smartphone or computer.

We work with reputable car dealers that are willing to help you find the car that you deserve. Apply for free today and get approved in less than 24 hours.


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  • All of Our Services Come With No Cost
  • We Give Auto Loan Options For Good Credit, No Credit and Bad Credit.
  • Get Instantly Financed For Up to $40,000 On Any Car
  • Choose any car you want. No Down Payment Needed!
  • All Online Car Loan Approvals Are Safe and Guaranteed
  • No Added Requirements or Costs, Apply for FREE and Get Approved Right Away

Easiest and Fastest Auto Loan Approval Process in Barrie.

Our only requirement is that your monthly paycheck be at least $1,800. No matter what your credit situation is, we can help you out. We specialize in bad credit no credit car financing at rates that you can surely afford. New Car Canada has the fastest auto loan approval process in the country. All car loan applicants can get approved in less than 24 hours. All you need to do is fill out our 1-minute online application and we do all the rest.

Pick any car from our gallery using our online car picking tool. You can even use our online Loan payment calculator to know our rates.


Why Get an Auto Loan?

Why Get an Auto Loan?

People who are privileged to have a huge sum of money to buy a car outright are a dime in a dozen. Most people do not have that kind of luxury but that does not mean you cannot buy your own car ever. This is where an auto loan plays a very important role. An auto loan is a personal loan anyone can apply for and take in order to buy the car that they want.

Since not everyone can instantly shell out a large sum of money to pay up for the full price of the car outright, the best option around is getting an auto loan. With the right auto loan, you can buy the car that you want and pay for it in terms more amenable to you. The monthly payment is lower and more manageable compared to paying full price. Hence, it allows everyone to have the opportunity to buy a car even without saving up for it.

Basically, with an auto loan, you can buy the car now, drive it wherever you want to go, and pay for it in manageable amount later on. Hence, an auto loan is a solution for everyone dreaming of buying their own car today or someday.

A City that Keeps on Growing Barrie

A City that Keeps on Growing

The City of Barrie lies on the western shores of Lake Simcoe. As one of the fastest-growing cities in Ontario, transport in and out of Barrie plays an integral role in its growth. As for 2016, its average household income per household has gone up to $97,290. Anyone within the aforementioned household range can easily be approved for a car loan.  It gets better if one has a driving license and a steady income. Loan approvals for SUVs, trucks and even SUVs then become easy, fast and hassle-free. With options ranging from low interest and even $0 Down, anyone staying in this local can easily get the vehicle they need.   

With the significant growth of over 560%, Barrie has easily become a magnet for individuals in seek for the most nurturing environment when it comes to business, a place with year-round recreational activities, an awesome place to start a family and of course with affordable housing cost. Select the budget you want from anywhere in Barrie or surrounding area.  Apart from all these, there is also easy access to Auto Loan Financing which enables the residents to choose any kind of vehicle they want at a price they can afford.   Also well known to be “The Gateway to Cottage Country”, it is indeed a great place not just to start a family but also venture into a business. With booming opportunities, there is no reason for someone not to like Barrie, Ontario. Click here to get the best car deals in Barrie in 24 hours.

Fun Facts About Barrie

  1. 27.7 percent of those in Barrie spent 45 minutes or more traveling to work.
  2. Barrie has the highest proportion of carpoolers in Ontario which is 14.5%. 
These are just some of the reasons why owning and driving a vehicle in Barrie, Ontario has become a part of the life of anyone living in this fast-growing city.