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Best Car Extras That Are Actually Worth It

You’ve already set your mind on a vehicle and all the necessary requirements are already prepared, but your dealer is offering you extra upgrades for your new car and you can’t decide which ones are actually worth it. With the numerous options available, it can be quite overwhelming for you. Admittedly, some features are unnecessary and will just add another expense to your purchase. In order to know which ones are worth investing, we have listed some upgrades that you might want to consider and can make your overall driving experience better.

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Rear Camera

61w9xpbljcl-_sl1170_Most accidents happen due to limited visibility especially at the rear part of your vehicle. Investing on rear cameras for backing up is a good way to minimize collisions. As its name suggests, it is a camera installed at the back part of your vehicle giving you a clearer view compared to just relying on your side mirror. It is particularly useful every time you park in tight spaces or when parallel parking.

Moreover, it will allow you to see pedestrians crossing behind you as well as other cars that you might not see just by merely relying on your side mirror. It is a good feature to have and is not that expensive compared to other upgrades. Overall, it reduces the risk of collisions or accidents making your car more safe.

Blind Spot Sensor

blind spot sensorBlind spots are always present although it may vary depending on what type of car you own. Blind spots can be very hazardous and could lead to a fatal accident. That is why automobile manufacturers have developed blind spot sensors in order to address this issue. This technology works by alerting the driver for any incoming vehicles that are inside the range of the blind spot area. Sensors are strategically installed in specific areas where blind spot is evident. Needless to say, it significantly decreases the risk of collisions and accidents while being mobile.

This extra upgrade is helpful when you want to change lanes during highway and city driving. When you want to switch lanes and another vehicle is too close for comfort, it immediately tells the driver about the situation.

alerting the driver for any incoming vehicles

Parking Assistance

This is another safety feature specifically designed to help drivers park in difficult spaces. In reality, parking is actually more difficult than normal driving because it requires experience and intuition. If you are a first time car drivers, investing on this upgrade can really help you a lot. Tricky parking spots like in a crowded mall parking area won’t be so challenging with a parking sensor installed in your vehicle.

Navigation System

navigation systemIf you like to travel a lot and explore areas in Canada which are not familiar to you, having a GPS Navigation System will remove a lot of stress during your road trips. With just a touch of a button, you can set your GPS to any destination that you want. To add, most GPS come with a voice activation feature which is really helpful if you are driving alone in areas that you are not familiar with.

Although you can buy GPS in stores for a much cheaper price, having it pre-installed by your car dealer is more safe. The thing is, GPS that are bought in stores are only installed on your dashboard making it very attractive to lurking thieves. Moreover, this can cause damage to your dashboard incurring more repairs. Choosing to have it pre-installed is more convenient and safer in the long run.

Regular Spare Tire

spare tireMost car purchases include a spare tire however, some dealerships only offer a substandard spare tire. Investing on a regular sized spare tire that has excellent quality is certainly worth having. Substandard tires are only good for emergency purposes and is not really recommended for long distance driving. You can never tell when the need for a spare tire arises and if it does, you may not have the luxury of finding a shop that can immediately repair your main tire. By investing on a quality spare tire, you won’t have any problem in case you have a flat tire while on a long distance trip.

Buying these extra car upgrades will make your driving experience safer and stress-free. But it is also important to exercise defensive driving and proper car maintenance to avoid any troubles in the near future.

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