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Automatic Approval Despite Any Credit Problems

Anyone in Courtenay can apply and secure an approval from us even with:

  • Divorce Payments
  • Immigrant
  • Repossessed Vehicles
  • Zero Credit
  • Weak Credit
  • Late Payer
  • Bankruptcy
  • Strong Credit
  • Collection

Three simple things needed to get a new car in Courtenay

  • Legal driver's license
  • Salary of at least $1,800 or more
  • Can have car insurance
Approval for car loan with bad credit

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If you have a regular job with a decent pay, we will approve your application right away. After securing an approval, you can choose any brand of car that fits your budget.

We approve anyone living in Courtenay who are looking for a cheap car loan plan. Our application process is 100% free and you can easily apply using just your mobile phone. New Car Canada approves thousands of applicants in BC every month. With our very lenient requirements, anybody can get approved.  Submit your application right now and we will respond to your request shortly. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can contact us anytime, anywhere.

After You're Approved... Pick Any Brand Of Car.

Mazda Mitschubuschi Subaru Mercedes Toyota Smart Lexus Scion Fiat Hyundai Nissan Kia Ford Honda Chrysler Ram Jeep Mini Dodge BMW Alfa Romeo Acura

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  • Simple auto loan process. Apply online and get approved in less than 24 hours.
  • Auto financing for up to $40,000
  • Guaranteed car loans for everyone
  • No down payment needed
  • Choose from over 5,000 cars in our gallery
  • 100% Free to Apply

We help car buyers in Courtenay get the car that they want regardless of credit.

Financing a new car with terrible credit without paying a down payment is easy if you get a loan from us. Once approved, you can then select any type of car you want. New Car Canada works with different car dealerships around the country. Just tell us the type of car you're looking for and we can arrange it for you.

Our main goal is to provide car loans for those who are struggling to get an approval from traditional lenders with very strict requirements. Moreover, our rates are very affordable and you can get approved simply through your mobile phone or laptop. Apply for free today and see how cheap our car loan options are.

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Deciding on a Budget
Getting instantly approved for a car loan is definitely good news but you must not overlook the importance of determining a budget and actually sticking to it. Buying a car is indeed a very euphoric experience, I mean who doesn't want the sweet scent of a new car? There are tons of new models of cars nowadays each with their own great selling point. To add, manufacturers have become more creative and innovative with the designs and car technology that they've incorporated into brand new models. Even with how tempting the new breed of cars are, you should always set a budget. Generally, experts recommend not to spend more than 20-25% of your monthly gross income on car expenses which include monthly car amortization, fuel, repairs and other car maintenance expenses. This is to ensure that you can still take on other financial obligations such as credit card bills, other existing loans (i.e. house mortgage/student loans), house utilities, possible household repairs and medical expenses. Take note that owning a car is different from buying one. Don't let excitement cloud your judgement. The last thing you want is buying a car that you can't really afford in the first place.
Courtenay city is located at the eastern part of Vancouver island and is the only city in the area also referred to as Comox Valley. It belongs under British Columbia province and has a small population of only 24,000 people. Primarily, Courtenay's economy was mainly dependent on natural resources but as the years went by, they've shifted to service-related sectors. Aside from that, they've also reinforced their tourism in order to attract more visitors. Local attractions include outdoor activities such as bird watching, mountain hiking and biking. During winter season snow-sports such as skiing, snowboarding,snow tubing, snow hoeing and sledding are very popular. If you are currently contemplating on buying a new car, take the time to know more about our financing offers. Our application process is free and you can cancel anytime.