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I May Stab You One Day

Oscar Wilde, the famous Irish playwright, once said:

“True friends stab you in the front.”

In other words, true friends are brutally honest with you whereas your enemies will be polite to you but speak dirty about you when you’re not around.

You can decide which group of people you prefer to hang out with personally…

BUT, in the context of buying a car, you should hang out with the former.

You will highly benefit from a front-stabber especially during the first phase.

You need someone who will be brutally honest with you; Who will tell you exactly how things are and not what you would like to hear.

I’m talking about credit check.

When getting approved for a new(er) car, a front-stabbing financing adviser will check your credit situation to see how much you can get approved for and what the approximate interest rate is going to be.

Consider him your best friend. He will be honest with you. If your credit is less than perfect because of some less-than-ideal decisions in the past, he will provide suggestions on how to improve it.

If there is something wrong with your credit that can be easily fixed, the adviser will tell you what to do to address it right away and save some bling bling on interest.

A back-stabbing adviser isn’t your friend. He will just tell you that your credit sucks and that the interest rate is going to be high.

The back-stabber will say there is nothing you can do and then laugh behind your back while pocketing the extra bling bling you were forced to pay on interest.

If you made some bad financial decisions in the past, now is a good time to stop.

Even though being “stabbed” in the front is not pleasant, it’s something that needs to be done for your own good.

When working with New Car Canada, you will only be working with front-stabbers. People who will be honest about the situation you’re in and help you get the most out of it.

Ready to get stabbed in the front?

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