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Anyone in Nanaimo can avail of our low interest car loans even with:

  • Past Bankruptcy
  • Recently Divorced
  • Unpaid Collections
  • Default on Previous Car Loan
  • Low Credit Score
  • Immigrant Status
  • High Credit Score
  • Delinquent Payer
  • No Credit

Secure your approval for a car loan In Nanaimo? by complying with the following requirements:

  • Legal License
  • Must avail of car insurance
  • Must have a monthly income of $1,800 or higher
Approval for car loan with bad credit

No Matter What Your Credit Problems Are, We Will Approve You Instantly

New Car Canada has the fastest online auto loan approval process in British Columbia. We work 24 hours a day so you can get behind the wheel of your new vehicle as soon as possible. We've made our application process so easy that you can do it using merely your phone or laptop. Take the time to fill out our 1-minute online application and get approved for a new or used car instantly! We also offer pre-approved auto financing to those who want to know exactly how much they are qualified for. New Car Canada works with top-tier car dealerships across the country in order to provide for the needs of any car buyer in Canada looking for an affordable auto loan option. Our showroom features over 5,000 different type of vehicles.

Whatever type of vehicle you're searching for, we have it. Apply now for FREE and get a free car quotation. It's our job to make your car shopping experience as smooth as possible.


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Experience absolute convenience with New Car Canada.

  • 100% Guaranteed  safe and secure approval
  • We will finance your car despite any credit concerns
  • No need to place any down payment on any car that you pick
  • Provides new or pre-owned car loan at an affordable price
  • At you service 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Applying is absolutely free

Leading car loan provider in Nanaimo.

Contrary to what most car buyers believe, having poor or no credit doesn't automatically entail an expensive car loan. Bad credit auto lenders such as New Car Canada can approve you for a car loan plan at a very reasonable rate. We won't even ask for a down payment or someone willing to co-finance your loan.

New Car Canada provides thousands of auto loan options in British Columbia every month. As long as you are regularly earning $450 a week, we will approve your application right away. So don't worry about having poor credit, with New Car Canada you'll be able to drive around town with your new car in just a matter of weeks!

Apply online today and get approved in 24 hours. Our services are totally free, you can even cancel if you think our offers are not a good fit for you.


Shopping with Poor Credit

Nowadays, there are a lot of auto finance companies that are still willing to help you buy a car even with poor credit. Despite that fact, in order to ensure that your approval process runs smoothly, you should consider bringing a down payment to the table. This will show a potential lender that you are committed to a loan and shows that you are financially capable of buying a car.  In the eyes of your lender, you will become less of a risk despite your poor credit since you are only asking your lender to finance a portion of the car's purchase price. You would also be owing your lender a lesser amount thus saving you from incurring too much interest payments. Aside from placing a down payment, shopping for car loan before selecting a vehicle is better so that you will be encouraged to stick to the fixed budget. Lastly, opting for a cosigner is also an effective way to further secure your approval. Not only that, this could also lead to  a lower interest rate since your cosigner's credit will compensate for your lack of credit. There are still a lot of options for bad credit car buyers if you just know where to look.

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Nanaimo: The Harbour City

Nanaimo also referred to as "Harbour City" is a city in British Columbia with a relatively large population of approximately 84,000 residents. Its economy was originally founded on coal mining but over the years it has diversified into other sectors such as forestry, retail, service and tourism. The city is blessed with captivating islands and natural parks that will surely calm your mind from the daily hassles in life. Tourists enjoy outdoors activities such as boating, kayaking, hiking, biking and scuba diving.

Plan a trip with your friends and families to visit Nanaimo and explore its wonders. With so many site to visit, bringing your own car is much more convenient. If you're planning on purchasing one, take the first step by applying for a loan today.