Bad Credit Car Loans Oshawa

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Instant Auto Financing Despite Having Credit Problems

Anyone in Oshawa can no avail of our affordable car financing services. We give approvals to all even with:

  • Immigrant Status
  • No Credit
  • Just Got Separated/Divorced
  • Past Car Repossessions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Consumer Proposals
  • Good Credit
  • Bad Credit
  • Delayed Payments

Get Approved Easily For Car Financing In Oshawa By Fulfilling These Prerequisites:

  • Gross salary of $450 a week
  • Authorized Driver’s License
  • Can Get Insured
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Drive Home The Car That You’ve Been Eyeing For

We help car buyers with bad credit purchase the car that they need with our cheap auto loan rates. New Car Canada in Oshawa has helped thousands of car buyers get the car that they want. Our auto loan options are very flexible in terms of interest rates. We won’t even ask for a down payment on the car that you’ve chosen.

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We’ve made car financing more accessible.

  • Approves Auto Loans Within 24 hours
  • 5,000 different Varieties In Stock
  • No Cosigner or Down Payment Necessary
  • Works With Excellent Car Dealerships (New and Pre-Owned)
  • Guaranteed Car Financing for All Credit Types
  • Guaranteed Free Application

We approve more car loans for people in Oshawa than any other site.

Securing a car loan in New Car Canada is fast and hassle-free. Even with terrible credit, we won’t ask you to look for a cosigner or pay a minimum down payment. Just as long as your monthly pay is at least $1,800, everything will go smooth for you. We also provide pre-approved auto financing. New Car Canada’s main goal is to provide affordable car loan plans especially to those who are struggling with their credit. Unlike traditional lenders, we are willing to finance your car even with serious credit issues. such as bankruptcy, foreclosures and the likes. Moreover, we make sure that our rates will fit your budget.


First Time Car Financing

Understandably, people with excellent credit history have it easy when it comes to getting a financing for a car purchase. On the other hand, applying for car financing when you have imperfect credit is a tad challenging, but still possible. However, many people do not know if they can acquire a financing if it is your first time to buy a car, which means you have zero credit history. The answer is yes.

There are a few trusted car financing companies that allow and approve individuals despite not having any credit history like New Car Canada. We provide everyone, even if it is your first time to acquire car financing, access to different financing options that can specifically address your needs. The only thing you should do to initiate the approval of your car financing is to submit an application with us. You can do this quickly via our intuitive website and it will not even take you a minute to submit one. With our car financing options, you can buy your first car and you can start building your good credit history so that in the future, you will no longer have any difficulties applying for any type of financing.

  Oshawa, Canada  

Amazing City by the Lake

The shores of Lake Ontario are teeming with beautiful cities that have only continued to grow and Oshawa is one of the many. You’ll definitely want to ‘Prepare to Be Amazed’ when you drive into Oshawa with your new vehicle, especially with its direct links to the General Motors Company of Canada. It’s also been used in several popular movies like Billy Madison, Chicago and X-Men. You’ll want to check out these sites as well as some of the amazing industrial sites within the region with your new vehicle as soon as you get it. You won’t have a problem getting wherever you want to be and seeing some great things.