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Apply for any of our car loan options in Prince Edward Island and we will give quick approval regardless of:

  • No History Of Credit
  • Impressive Credit Score
  • Terrible Credit Score
  • Newcomer to Canada
  • Payments Past Due Date
  • Consumer Proposals
  • Just Got Divorced
  • Auto Repossession
  • Being Bankrupt

Three simple key requirements needed to obtain an instant car loan plan in Prince Edward Island

  • Minimum of $1800 earnings every month
  • Updated driver's license
  • Able to get a car insurance premium
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Auto Loan Approval For All Car Buyers Despite Credit History

You don't need to be fully stressed out in looking for someone that can help you with your auto financing needs - New Car Canada guarantees a fast and straightforward approval process. If you need to buy a car in Prince Edward Island, check out the offers on our website to find one that suits your needs.

Regardless of your credit history, whether it is flawless or damaged, we can get your approved in 24 hours or less. Simply submit an application and we will immediately take a look into it so we can give your the car financing that you need. Thanks to our incredibly accessible auto finance service, you can become a new car owner without paying any initial money down! Act fast, apply today.

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  • No need for down payment, we will take care of that!
  • Select the car you like and decide when to buy
  • Get car financing of up to $45,000
  • FREE application with no strings attached
  • Social Insurance Number not asked

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New Car Canada has helped thousands of Canadians buy the car that they both want and need. As you can see, we have the most car loan approvals in Prince Edward Island, bar none. Our achievement is unmatched and we will push further to give more people with the car loan they need. We provide easy access to our car loans even with damaged credit.

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How Secure Is Online Car Loan Application?

In this digital age, searching and comparing different auto loan offers are easier and faster. In just a click of a button, you can instantly secure an auto loan plan but many are still hesitant due to prevalent online identity theft and scams. Since you supply important personal information when you apply for a car loan, it is reasonable to be curious about what happens to the information you provide. Therefore, before you submit an application, learn what happens to the information you send an find out how secure online application is.

When you send personal information, it is kept with utmost confidence. The information you sent is just used to process your car loan application - to assess if you qualify for car financing. There is nothing more done to it and your information is never given to any other business entity. Even if your choice of dealership asks for it, you information is not given to them without your consent. In rare cases where the dealership requests for your information, you permission should be asked and nothing should be given out without your go signal. To make sure that all your information are kept in secret and that the application is really secure, choose only the trusted names when it comes to car financing. For sure, these lenders have tried and tested security systems and protocols in place to guarantee the confidentiality of your information.

Clarington, Canada

All Water Around

Prince Edward Island is a province in Canada that is part of the triumvirate of Maritime Provinces with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It is the smallest among the three in terms of population and land area. A distinguishing characteristic of Prince Edward Island is that it is the only province in Canada with no land boundaries. Hence, it is surrounded by water in 360 degrees.

To experience what this island has to offer, travel to it and see the wonders that it has. Since it is separated from any other place in Canada, traveling around this province works best if you have your own car. To procure a car in the easiest way possible, New Car Canada can help you out. We are the expert in car buying and we have many offers that can help you buy a car without spending excessively for it.