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Approval guaranteed quick to car buyers looking for loan in Prince George regardless of the following:

  • Good Credit Score
  • Bad Credit Score
  • No Credit History
  • Bankruptcy
  • Delayed/Unpaid Collections
  • Delayed Payments
  • Repossessed Properties
  • New to Country
  • Divorce

These Are The Only Things You Need For Quick And Guaranteed Approval In Prince George

  • Monthly earnings of $1800 or more
  • Driver’s License
  • Car Insurance
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Get Approved For An Auto Loan Without Worrying Of Credit History

Thinking of getting an auto loan but worried that you might not get approved due to low credit or no credit history? You need not worry because at New Car Canada, we approve car buyers in that market for a car loan regardless of credit history. We approve even those with bad credit, has filed for bankruptcy, has consumer proposal, and other credit issues. Our objective is to give everyone a chance to buy their own car.

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  • Get loans to up to $45,000, loan starts at $5,000
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For guaranteed approval, apply with us at New Car Canada. We have the most number of approved car loans that you won’t find anywhere else. Apply with us quick and get approved instantly, so you can already buy your new car. No need to worry about your credit score because we approve anyone regardless their credit rating.

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Choosing a Car

The process of picking a car can be a bit more stressful than one might think. There are a lot of factors to consider rather than just jumping the gun on it. To ensure that you are picking the right car, assess your "needs" before your "wants" first. Make it a point to prioritize essential aspects rather than focusing on the glamour of a vehicle. With how enticing cars can be, most car buyers talk themselves into justifying buying a car that is way out of their league, financial wise. Focus more on the functionality of the vehicle rather than it's added features.

If you have a family, opting for a big SUV or minivan is the better choice rather than a two-door sports car. Moreover, you should also consider the daily usage of the vehicle. If you daily route can be a little rough, choosing a four-wheel drive vehicle is more ideal. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time in the city, a regular sedan might be enough to satisfy your everyday needs.

A friendly reminder: buying a car and owning one are two different things. Being able to afford the purchase price of a vehicle is just the first step, you should also take into account the maintenance costs, fuel consumption and car insurance involved. If you're not really ready to take on such a huge financial investment, don't force yourself. Instead, save up for a down payment and wait until the time is right.

Clarington, Canada

Prince George

Prince George is the biggest city on the northern side of British Columbia. Dubbed as the “Northern Capital,” Prince George is bustling as it contributes more and more in the economy and culture of British Columbia. Due to this, the population in this city is growing tremendously. Hence, the public transportation sector is taking a hit so more and more are needing a their own car.

If you’re shopping for a new car or even a pre-owned car, New Car Canada can help you find the best deals that will help you buy a car without breaking the banks. Moreover, with fast approval, you can get a good auto financing from a trusted car load provider.