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We approve anyone looking for a car loan with:

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  • Bad Credit
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  • Bankruptcy
  • Collections
  • Late Payments
  • Repossessions
  • New to Country
  • Divorce

Meet Only 3 Requirements To Easily Get Approved For New Car

  • $1800 monthly income
  • Valid License
  • Must be insurable
Bad Credit Car Loans Canada

Get The Car You Really WANT Regardless of Your Credit

Getting a car loan in Canada is easy & best of all FREE. New Car Canada can approve your auto loan even if you have bad credit. Fill out the short application via smartphone or computer within 30 seconds.

We offer express approval online. This means your approval takes only 24 hours via online. You will get a yes or a no. New Car Canada approves anybody with bad credit, no credit, or good credit for auto financing. You can call us anytime at 1 (855) 976-8126 if you have questions before applying.

We make getting car financing approval easy with our advanced car picking system. We are financing used and new cars. At the moment, we have over 5,000 vehicles in stock with our dealers from coast to coast. There is $0 cost to use our service, we connect you with dealers who approve bad credit and good credit and offer discount deals on vehicles that you request. The process to getting approved bad credit car loans Canada or good credit car loans is easy, free, and simple. Pick Your Car Now!

After You’re Approved… Pick Any Brand Of Car.

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We find ways for you to get the car that you need.

  • We Approve Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit, Poor Credit, Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal… And Everything Else!
  • We Get You Approved In 24 Hours
  • Zero Money Down On Any Car
  • Car Loans Ranging From $5,000 – $45,000 (Pick Any Car You Like)
  • Pick Any Car, Truck, SUV, or Minivan
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Our service is completely FREE. You don’t pay or sign anything until you see, touch and drive your new vehicle. Apply now and get your application approved today. We guarantee bad credit car loans Canada approval if you’re earning just $450 per week and have been employed the last 3 months.

New Car Canada also takes great interest in improving your credit with debt reconsolidation. This means that if you have credit card debt, we can help you reconsolidate that debt into a car financing program with a much lower interest rate. The result is you get a car, improve your debt situation into one fixed payment, and improve your credit. Most applicants with bad credit and who need a car loan end up improving their credit score within 4-6 months. This is evident in your Equifax report which you can pull online.

In conclusion, New Car Canada programs help you get a car loan approved even if you have bad credit, improve your credit score if you need to, and reconsolidate your debt if you need.

If you currently have good credit, your interest rates may start at as low as 0%. If you have bad credit your interest will completely depend. The good news is New Car Canada gets you approved to rebuild your credit situation and get going with life again.

As soon as you apply one of our representatives will give you a call to confirm your basic information. There is never any no obligation to buy just get approved for exactly the car you want then make a decision. New Car Canada only gives you a free financing quote via our dealer network so you can evaluate what is best for you.

We provide free service in 8 provinces, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, New Foundland, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

We service everyone from Toronto, Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Mississauga, North Bay, Thunder BaySudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Barrie, Oshawa, Brampton, Kitchener, St. Catharine’s, Niagara Falls, Belleville, Windsor, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Collingwood, Orillia, Peterborough, Nepean, Cornwall, Kingston, St. Johns, Saint. John, Moncton, Winnipeg, Brandon, Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Kamloops, Victoria, Surrey, Kelowna, Vernon, Prince George, Nanaimo, Fort McMurray, Banff, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Swift Current and the rest of Canada. Our dealer network is one of the largest in Canada and always provides free finance to own quotes. 

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Bad Credit Car Loans Canada Apply For Free

Lenders primarily use a person’s credit to have a general sense with regards to the borrower’s creditworthiness. With that, having a reliable credit is crucial but how about those who have bad credit? Is it still possible to secure a bad credit car loan? More importantly, are the annual rates involved still affordable? Yes and yes. With the right lender and ample amount of research, you can secure a bad credit car loan with a reasonable interest rate.

Check Your Credit for Bad Credit Car Loans Canada – New Car Canada

Just because you have had a few late payments or overextended your budget doesn’t necessarily mean that your credit is in bad shape. Never base your decision on assumptions. In order to know more and have a full grasp on your credit situation, you can always request a copy of your credit report from either one of the major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. When looking at your credit report, carefully check the data reflected and lookout for any clerical errors. Despite being automated, errors are still very much possible which can obviously affect your credit score. Becoming more intimate with your credit is the first step that you should do before shopping for car loan rates. Choose the bad credit car loans Canada offer with New Car Canada today!

Shopping For Bad Credit Car Loans Canada

Being fully aware of how bad or good your credit is just the first step. Working with a lender that is lenient and flexible enough is another matter. Most people tend to fall victim to overkill bad credit car loan rates because of a serious lack of research. Also, many car buyers settle for a dealer financing option or go for traditional Canada car loans provider (i.e. banks) just because they think there are no other viable options. Bear in mind that dealer financing is usually more expensive than when acquiring a car loan option from a lending institution directly.

Believe it or not, online car loan Canada sites have become increasingly popular due to their accessibility and flexibility when it comes to annual percentage rates. A perfect example is New Car Canada and our bad credit car loans Canada offers. As one of the leading providers of online car loans Canada, our company has helped thousands of car buyers across the country get the car they want at rates they can afford. We offer guaranteed bad credit car loan approval no matter how terrible your credit looks  In addition, our application process is absolutely FREE with no added fees or obligations to accept any car loan options offered. With a wide network of car dealership partners in all corners of Canada, it is much easier for you to shop and compare rates with our services. More importantly, your odds of landing an affordable bad credit car loan is higher with bad credit car loan Canada.

Limit Your Time When Shopping For Car Loan Rates

When shopping for a car loan option, you must limit your search to a 2-week period in order to avoid further damage on your credit. Multiple credit inquiries can lower your credit score, however, by keeping all inquiries within 2 weeks, all of those inquiries will only be counted as one. A few pointers when inquiring about an auto loan option, make sure to shop for the whole car loan, NOT the monthly rate involved. A common mistake made by rookie car buyers is that they fixate too much on the monthly payment involved that they neglect considering the total amount of interest that they are actually paying. Ask for the annual percentage rate and be ready to walk away if the rates involved can lead you to get upside down on your car loan, especially in a bad credit car loan option. The last thing you need is to commit to a car financing option that is well beyond your means to pay for. If nothing works out for you, it’s best to wait until your credit is good enough to land a car loan option that makes financial sense. Read more information about our bad credit car loan Canada offers.

Getting Pre-Approved with New Car Canada

Choosing to get pre-approved for a bad credit car loans Canada option may seem like an extra step but in the end, it’s totally worth it. By securing a financing option first before stepping inside a car dealership, you become essentially like a cash buyer. What this leads to is that the entire car buying/negotiation process will be much faster and you avoid the risk of going over budget. Car buyers with bad credit have much more to gain from a pre-approval option. Moreover, it is smart to get pre-qualified from a handful of the lender not only for comparison purposes but also to use as leverage when negotiating with another lending institution. We offer bad credit car loans in Canada.

Even with bad credit, you can still get approved for an auto loan option with a competitive rate. You should know that car loans Canada market has become very competitive over the years which means car loan rates are relatively more affordable now compared before. But nobody has better bad credit car loans Canada options than New Car Canada!

Bringing A Down Payment for a bad credit car loans Canada offer

Cars are depreciable assets which means they lose value over time. With that in mind, you should pay off your loan term as soon as possible to avoid getting upside down on your loan. This is particularly important for car buyers who can only qualify for a subprime/bad credit car loan Canada. In addition, bringing a hefty down payment will show your lender that you are financially committed thus increasing your chances of getting approved FAST. Experts recommend making at least a 20 percent down payment to cover for the initial loss of value that your brand new car experiences. As soon as you take it off your dealer’s lot, your car instantly loses 20 percent of its market value.

Another advantage of making a down payment is that you’d be paying for a much lower interest since your original debt is reduced. As most of you know, interest payments are based on your original debt, in percent. If you want to personally compute the total interest payment of a loan, there are a ton of online sites that lets you use car loan calculators for free. Take advantage of our bad credit car loans Canada option!

Car Loans Canada

Having an excellent credit is not for everyone. In fact, many Canadians struggle to land an affordable car loan option because of bad credit. Fortunately, this dilemma is not something that should stop you from becoming a car owner. With how competitive the car loans Canada market has become, there are still a lot of lender out there willing to finance the car you want at a fair annual interest rate. In order to land an affordable bad credit car loan Canada instantly, you should consider applying at nontraditional lending institutions such as online auto loan sites. Contrary to popular belief, online Canada car loans sites now offer competitive rates with a very lenient approval process. A perfect example is New Car Canada. They offer instant approval to all applicants regardless of credit history. As long as you have a job and income of at least $1,800/month, you’ll get approved effortlessly. If you want, you can even secure a pre-approval for bad credit car loan Canada option right away.

How To Get Approved For An Affordable Bad Credit Car Loans Canada Rate

First off, you should know that a subprime or bad credit car loan is obviously more expensive than a prime or good credit car loan. Despite that fact, you can still employ a lot of ways in order to land a financing option that is still well within your monthly budget.
A great start is to consider shopping for rates outside traditional lenders like banks. If you did an ample amount of research and have inquired for some of the car loan rates offered by various lenders, you can use those competitive rates to start bargaining for a lower annual rate to other prospect lenders. Another viable option is to look for someone with good credit that is willing to co-finance the car with you. His or her good credit will compensate for your lack of credit. The fact that two persons are financing a bad credit car loan Canada option will significantly lower the risks that the lender is taking on you. This might even lead you to a lower car loan Canada interest rate option. The most important thing that you should remember is to always shop for rates and to stay away from dealer financing as much as possible. Read more about our bad credit car loans Canada rates.

Car Loan Rates

More often than not, people with bad credit fall prey to lenders who take advantage of your inadequate credit. The best way to mitigate this is to be well-informed and look out for overpriced car loan rates. Given your credit situation, you should always consider that you may not be able to secure a car loan option that is financially ideal but this doesn’t mean that you should just give up and settle for an option that’s way too expensive. A great way to look for an affordable bad credit car loans Canada is to shop for rates online. Typically, conventional lenders (i.e. banks) are more rigid with their requirements and car loan rates especially if you have a damaged credit. Moreover, if you do manage to find bad credit car loans Canada option that works out for you, keep the loan term short. Choosing a 72 or 84-month car loan would lead to huge interest rate payments hence costing you a lot more bucks overall. Look out for scams like a lender requiring you to get extended warranties, overkill car loan rates and making you feel like your credit is extremely terrible. Be a smart consumer and always take the time to do your own research before stepping inside any lending establishment or car dealership. Read more about our bad credit car loan Canada.
Preparation is ALWAYS the Key!
With a bad credit, you don’t really have the luxury of just getting out there and getting an instant yes for a prime car loan rate. With that in mind, start off by securing a copy of your credit report. You can simply request a copy from either one of the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Look out for any mistakes or errors. Even with today’s automated methods of calculating credit, human errors are still very much possible. The last thing you want is to shop blind and work on just an assumption that you have a bad credit score.
Next is to shop for the best car loans Canada option online. By taking advantage of the internet, you eliminate the hassle and vulnerability of talking with a lender. Why vulnerability? It’s because there’s a chance you might get talked in by a persuasive lender and end up signing a car loan option that is way above your financial capability. To add, using available resources online is much faster and more accessible. If you have a damaged credit, getting pre-approved and shopping for bad credit car loans Canada online is the best way to land an affordable car loan rate. Would you like to learn more about our bad credit car loans Canada?

Tips to Secure Bad Credit Car Loans Canada the Fast and Easy Way

If you are not in a rush to get behind the wheel of a new or used vehicle, raising your credit (by even a few points) makes a colossal difference. A huge chunk of your credit score is based on your ability to make on-time payments. By settling a few balances or by catching up with monthly payments, you’ll notice a fast improvement of your credit score. A lender will notice this steady increase of credit which implies that you as a borrower, doesn’t run much of a risk. If you can bump up your credit to up at least 600 points, you’ll have a higher chance of getting that approval instantly. Although you would still be considered as a bad credit borrower, it will be much easier for you to get approved and maybe even haggle for a lower annual interest rate.
Once you’ve found a bad credit car loans Canada option that has a reasonable price, you must always consider placing a down payment of at least 20 percent. This protects you from getting upside down on your loan especially if you are getting financed for a brand new car. New vehicles immediately lose 20 percent of their value once you take it off your dealer’s lot. Aside from that, your total amount owed would be much less which means that you’ll be paying a much lesser interest rate overall. Lastly, keep your car loan term short. Remember, bad credit car loan Canada are offered at subprime rates which obviously means it is still relatively expensive. Paying your loan quicker would mean lesser interest costs although the monthly payments involved would be higher than in an extended car loan term.

Picking The Right Car For You with bad credit car loans Canada option

Once financing options are already settled, the next step is to find a vehicle that is a perfect partner for your lifestyle while still being affordable. Believe it or not, choosing a car is actually more daunting especially with the wide array of choices available in the market today. For Canadian car buyers with good credit, you are able to afford the luxury of picking a more high-end vehicle since it is likely that you have already secured an approval for a prime bad credit car loan Canada option.
However, for those with damaged credit, your options might be a bit limited considering the costs involved. When in this situation, it is much more practical to pick a car that is relatively cheaper but still have features that can satisfy your needs. In any case, getting approved for an affordable bad credit financing option just might help you take home a more expensive vehicle. Take advantage of New Car Canada’s FREE online application today and enjoy affordable bad credit car loans Canada options with guaranteed 24-hour approval.
When deciding on a monthly budget, a good benchmark is to limit it to 20 percent of your monthly salary. This is the safest way in which you still have enough room for unexpected emergency costs. Furthermore, you need to consider that the price tag on a vehicle is not the “all in” cost. Registration and fees, sales tax, insurance and other miscellaneous costs still come into play. At the end of the day, picking a car and shopping for a reasonably priced car loans Canada option are two interconnected factors that you need to carefully consider.

Alarming Car Loans Canada Trends

It is an undeniable fact that cars have become absolute necessities that every household needs. Because of that, there’s a steady increase of Canadian consumers who apply for car loan Canada options every year. The worrisome trend, however, is that more and more car buyers are choosing an extended auto loan term because of the low monthly payments involved. In fact, FCAC revealed that over 70 percent of new car loans taken last year are set at 72 months (6 yrs) or longer. In addition, car owners who trade-in their vehicle with negative equity have nearly doubled while others apply for a bad credit car loans Canada option and roll their remaining balance from the previous loan thus creating an auto debt treadmill.

Loans Canada No Credit Check

If you accumulate negative equity, this spells trouble financially speaking since you get upside down on your loan and lead you to pay more for your car than it’s current trade-in value. In addition, if you find yourself not being able to pay for the loan, you can choose to sell your vehicle but you still owe your lender a significant amount of debt. This problem is also very prevalent in bad credit car loan Canada. Bear in mind that car loans for bad credit are set at more expensive annual car loan rates. Pair this up with an extended car loan term, you’ll really find yourself deep underwater on your loan. Experts advise consumers to choose their car loans Canada offers carefully to ensure that they can pay back their car loans without strain and as much as possible, avoid getting too much negative equity. Cars are expensive investments and you should have a sense of urgency when it comes to the costs involved and not just be concerned about having the privilege of becoming a car owner.

Getting A Car via Bad Credit Car Loans

A credit score that’s below 600, is typically considered as having a bad or poor credit score. And with a bad credit, you are limited to options that are at subprime car loan rates. Despite that fact though, there are still ways on getting a reasonably priced bad credit car loan. Bringing a cosigner with an excellent credit is one of the best ways for you to secure a bad credit car loan Canada option instantly. Not only that, this may even give you a chance of lowering the total annual interest rate involved since the lender won’t see you as much of a risk given that a cosigner with excellent credit is legally obliged to take on the monthly payment in an event of a default.
Despite that, you must keep an open mind and consider the fact that you are only qualified for a subprime rate. With that said, it is best to consider a vehicle that is a bit cheaper and keeping the term duration of your bad credit car loan Canada short (not exceeding 5 years). Additionally, it is best to consider going for a brand new vehicle rather than a used car as the interest rates in used car deals are much higher. Once you’ve successfully paid your loan on time, your credit will increase significantly and may just be good enough to land you a car loan Canada option with amazing annual percentage rate. Then, you can afford to finally get financed for the car of your dreams without worrying about losing money to an overpriced interest rate.
Being a bad credit consumer is not something that prevents you from enjoying the perks of being a car owner. As long as you are patient and diligent enough, you can drive home the car you need.

Shop For The Car Loan Price, Not The Payment Plan

The biggest mistake that a car buyer can make is to base the decision on the monthly payment involved while totally neglecting the whole price. When canvassing for rates, make sure to ask the dealer for the total car loan Canada price. More importantly, never reveal your personal budget. The moment a dealer knows about your personally preferred budget, he or she will sway you into focusing on the monthly payments involved all the while spreading the total cost in a longer car loans Canada term. Another sales tactic to look out for is when a dealer gives you a slightly more expensive monthly term and say that the difference is negligible. For instance, your monthly budget is $300, they will endorse you a $310 monthly plan and say that the price difference is just equal to a cup of coffee. Stack that $10 difference in 60 months, you are actually losing $600 overall. The only way you should consider the monthly payment of a car loan Canada option is when you are still setting a monthly budget.
Whether you are looking for good credit car loan or bad credit car loans Canada, following this simple tip will help you stay over budget and NOT end up with a car loan option that you can’t really afford right from the get go.

Importance of Knowing Your Credit Score

Ever wonder how credit bureaus calculate your credit score? There are 5 main factors used to determine a credit score namely: length of credit history, a total amount of debt owed, credit mix, new credit and payment history. Among the 5 factors, payment history carries the heaviest weight and refers to how on time you are on your payments for all opened credit accounts (i.e. credit cards) and personal loans (i.e. car loan Canada). Lenders use credit scores to ascertain the creditworthiness of a borrower. Your credit score will be used in all types of loans including housing loans, business loans, car loans Canada and so on. With that being said, it is important to monitor your credit closely at least once or twice a year. If your credit score is below 600, you can only qualify for bad credit car loans Canada hence, the interest rates offered will be higher than for those who can avail prime rate loans.
If you haven’t had the chance to establish your own credit, a good way to do so is by opening a secured credit card. Use this card to purchase small items and pay them off on time. As you progress, making much more expensive transactions like car loans Canada will help you boost credit faster. In some situations, applying for car loan Canada can get you out of bad credit much easier and quicker given that you are an on-time payer. The key is to pick a bad credit car loans Canada option online. Contrary to popular belief, online car loans Canada lenders are much more flexible with their car loan rates and have fewer requirements. More importantly, you can easily apply online using your smartphone at the convenience and privacy of your own home. If you just know where to look, you can overcome bad credit much faster and enjoy the privilege of having your own car.

Bad Credit Loans Canada

Sometimes, car buyers are left with no choice but to settle for relatively expensive bad credit car loans Canada offers. When in this situation, you should know that you can still have your current car loan refinanced along the term if you are offered a much better bad credit car loan rate or that your credit score is now good enough to qualify for a prime car loan Canada rate. Either way, it’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Typically, online car financing sites are much more determined to accommodate you as a client since they are after you as an investment rather than seeing you as a risk, like traditional companies do. More importantly, they requirements are very easy to comply and you can conveniently apply at your own time and convenience. Today, there are many bad credit car loans Canada sites that offer competitive rates no matter how bad your credit looks. As long as you have a stable employment history and decent monthly salary, you can easily qualify for an approval. What do you think about our bad credit car loan Canada offers?

Loans For Bad Credit Canada

A perfect example is New Car Canada. We specialize in bad credit car loans Canada and offer guaranteed 24-hour approval to all applicants – good credit, bad credit or no credit history at all. We give at least 1,000 good credit and bad credit car loans Canada every month. Furthermore, we have one of the widest networks of car dealer partners in the country today. Our affordable bad credit car loans in Canada are available nationwide in all provinces. You can just easily fill out our 1-minute application form online through your smartphone or laptop computer. Our application process is FREE with no obligation to buy at any point. We can easily refinance your current car loan at a much better annual interest rate. Keep in mind though that refinancing bad credit car loans Canada is ideally done early on the loan term. Doing it much later on, won’t really make that huge of an impact in terms of the amount of money saved.

Benefits of Choosing Car Financing over Cash Payment

Most consumers think that paying cash is much more ideal than when opting for a car financing plan because you don’t pay any interest in a straight-up cash deal. Ideally, yes you eliminate the risk of losing money on interest payments, however, what if you are able to qualify for an affordable car loan in Canada option and have a chance to own a brand new, high-end ride?

Car Loan using Bad Credit Car Loans Canada

By choosing to acquire a vehicle through car loans Canada option, you can definitely get behind the wheel of a better vehicle than you would have been able to if you paid cash. For instance, your $9,000 budget for a used vehicle, could have been used as a down payment for a brand new ride with a longer lifespan and much more versatile features. If you have good credit, you can easily get approved for a great car loan Canada option and get behind a high-end vehicle right away. You can even use that money for other important purchases that need cash like home improvement projects or repairs, medical emergencies and even other investment projects. What you need to do though is to shop and compare car loans Canada offers from various lending companies and go for the best-offered rate.

Loans For Bad Credit

The demand for cars in Canada are at an all-time high and along with that, the car loans Canada market as well. The auto finance market is starting to get competitive which is good news for car buyers especially for those looking to get reasonably priced bad credit car loan Canada. As with any kind of purchase, the best way to find out whether you are getting the best deal or not is to shop around and assess various car loans Canada rates currently endorsed. Choose the best bad credit car loans Canada option.

Local Bank

Local banks are typically more firm with their car loan rates and may not be ideal for individuals with bad credit, however, it still pays to check the rates they offer. For first-time car buyers, you can use this as a benchmark of what the rates are going to be so you’ll know whether you are getting conned for an overpriced bad credit car loan Canada option or not.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions are more lenient with their bad credit car loans Canada options compared to banks. The downside, however, is that most of them only cater to members who have been their member for quite some time or have made previous loans with them. If you are in need of a vehicle right away, this may not be the best viable option for you.

Bad Credit Loans Canada Guaranteed Approval

You’d find almost anything you need over the internet, including bad credit car loans Canada offers. It is not your most traditional way of getting financed for a vehicle but the fact is, more and more people are choosing to get online financing because it is very accessible and sometimes, the bad credit car loans Canada rates are more competitive. In addition, you can shop at your own convenience without worrying about setting an appointment or the pressure of talking with a pushy dealer. Some online car financing sites even specialize in no credit and bad credit car loans Canada and can help you get the car you truly want at a price you can afford. Just make sure to only apply at sites that don’t require your social insurance number (SIN) or any banking information.

Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada Guaranteed Approval

If you have fully scoured your options but just can’t seem to find a bad credit car loans option that is a good fit for your situation, it is best to wait until your credit score is at least good enough to land you a fairly priced car loans Canada option. If you force the situation and commit to an option you can’t afford, you might end up in an auto loan default which is a whole lot worse than having a low credit score. An effective way to hasten the improvement of your credit is to use a secured credit card account to make small purchases and paying them off promptly. Paying debts on time carries the heaviest weight in calculating a credit score, even if it is just a grocery bill or a newly purchased furniture.

Loans For People With Bad Credit

In a bad credit car loans Canada option, always choose a short term loan duration. Pay your loan as fast as possible to lessen the impact of a subprime interest rate. If you can’t afford the monthly amortization involved, this may mean that you are choosing a vehicle that is way too expensive for you. To add, make sure to read the fine print before signing any contract or paperwork. Take not of the annual percentage rate and loan term to avoid any problems. A signed paperwork is considered a legal document stating that you understand and agree to the terms stated on the contract.

Getting A Car Even With Bad Credit

Yes, you can still get a car even with a damaged credit but you need to be open-minded about it and face the fact that you will be financing a car at a much higher annual interest rate. However, do not let that discourage you. With today’s Canadian auto finance market, there are a lot of willing lenders that provide competitive bad credit car loan Canada options to poor credit individuals.
You need to be careful though and make sure to shop from various lending institutions first before committing to a deal so you won’t get overcharged. And more importantly, this helps you sleep at night knowing that you are indeed getting the best bad credit car loans Canada available. Here are other exceptional tips that you need to have in your arsenal.

Become Intimate With Your Credit For Bad Credit Car Loans Canada Option

Intimate may seem like too much but, yes. Knowing fully the background and each data projected on your credit report is important. Experts always say this to every car buyer, “Regularly check your credit report (at least once a month) so you personally know your credit situation”. Erroneous data may have lowered your credit score even more and needless to say, this will leave you full of regret. Or if not, maybe you can at least settle some unpaid collections or take care of other missed payments that could help you avoid the dreaded bad credit car loans Canada in the first place. Shopping blind or based on mere assumptions never help anyone. Know the facts for yourself so you truly know where you stand.

Make Some Improvements

As what was previously mentioned, by getting a copy of your credit score, you’ll know exactly what to do in order to correct some credit mistakes that lowered your credit score in the first place. By doing this in advance, you may possibly just have enough time to make room for improvements and bump up your credit score a bit. Moreover, any improvements you’ve made will reflect on your credit score and this is a good sign for bad credit car loans Canada providers. Although if your credit score is still not good enough for a prime rate, at least you won’t have any trouble securing a nod of approval from them. One of the fastest ways of improving your credit is making on time payments. To those who don’t know, payment history which refers to how prompt you are on payments, account for 35 percent of your credit score – highest single aspect in determining the credit score.

Finding The Right Financing Partner

Now that you have done your best to prepare yourself, it is time to shop for bad credit car loans Canada rates. You can start inquiring for rates in your own local bank especially if you have a long standing account with them. They may be eager to give you reasonable financing options but take note that banks are not that flexible when it comes to bad credit car loans Canada.
Shopping for rates in credit unions is also a good option as they are more lenient with their rates compared to banks. The downside though is that most credit unions require you to be a long time member with them. If you are not a member of any credit unions, this may not be a good place for you to shop.
Many car buyers of today also consider online car financing options. Contrary to what many believe, online car loan providers offer very competitive and favorable auto loan rates especially for those looking to get approved for bad credit car loans Canada offers. They are easily accessed online and you can submit your application and get approved anywhere, anytime. No need to get out of your way or set-up a free time just to fill out documents yourself. Using just your smartphone, you can now fill out an online car loan application. An excellent example is New Car Canada, we offer FREE online application and approval. Best of all, the company specializes in bad credit car loans Canada financing and have helped thousands of Canadians get the car they want at a price they can afford.
Remember that when you are shopping for rates, you must limit all inquiries within 2 weeks to minimize damage to your credit score. All soft inquiries made will be counted as a single inquiry which greatly reduces the negative impact it has on your credit.

Although to some it may seem like an extra hassle, getting pre-approved directly from a lender and ditching dealership financing, actually makes more financial sense. Dealership financing offers inflated bad credit car loan Canada rates adding up to 3 percent interest as their sales commission. If you choose to get pre-approved first before shopping in a dealership, you can focus more on negotiating for a lower price on the vehicle since you are already secured financing-wise. Experts normally recommend getting pre-approved prior to car shopping to individuals whose credit scores only qualify for bad credit car loans Canada options. Submit your requirements early, get pre-approved and avoid all the hassle of car financing. All that’s left for you to do is choose your next new vehicle.
You can easily secure a pre-approval online by applying right now in New Car Canada. We provide guaranteed approval regardless of credit score. Take advantage of our FREE online application today to learn more about our bad credit car loans Canada options.

Points To Consider When Getting A Car Loan

Given that bad credit car loans, Canada is much more expensive than prime car loan rates, you need to ask yourself some crucial and important questions just before inking any deal. For starters, you must consider how much interest rate are you willing to pay for. Car financing takes years which is obviously a long-term financial commitment. You should never force yourself into a car loan rate that is way too much for you to begin with. The monthly budget that you allocate for the monthly amortization must not take precedence over other necessary costs like utilities, medical emergencies, and other essential expenses. In addition, other expenses like car insurance, fuel expenses, and regular maintenance must also be taken into account when deciding on a budget.
Furthermore, if the interest is steep, make sure to ask for any prepayment penalties if you decide along the way to refinance your bad credit car loans Canada for a much more favorable financing option. Ask and answer this yourself, “how long do I have to put up with this offer until I get a better deal”. This may seem unnecessary but it is actually very crucial. The last thing you want is to end up in an auto loan default or car repossession.

More Bad Credit Car Loans Canada Tips

While involving yourself with a subprime rate is inevitable, there are ways in which you can save money despite your given situation. By choosing a short term loan (usually 3 years), the total costs to interest payments is significantly decreased compared to a 5 year or even 7-year auto loan term. Take caution though as short term loans have a higher monthly rate which means you may have to settle for a much less expensive vehicle. But at the end of the day, it makes more financial sense to pay off your loan as fast as possible.
When financing a car with bad credit, pick a brand new vehicle if possible. Although brand new cars suffer an initial loss of value as soon as you take it off your dealer’s lot, the interest rate involved is much lower. Used cars typically involve higher interest rate because lenders are taking a much more risk for it seeing that in an event of a repossession, the vehicle is too depreciated for them to regain their losses. However, it is still a case to case basis. If you find a great bad credit car loans Canada option for a used car then there’s no reason why you should not take advantage of it.
Lastly, skip unnecessary add-ons. Extra revamps or accessories offered by your dealers like decals, spoilers, VIN etching and any extra accessories can be set aside for another time. Given that you are on a tight budget, you should not get easily lured in by these add-ons. By the time you get out of your dealership, you’ve gone way over budget than what you have originally set for.

Getting The Right Way To Calculate Budget

Calculating a budget is more daunting than it seems. Before doing anything, this is the first step that you should take when deciding on buying a new vehicle. For individuals who can only get bad credit car loans Canada option, getting this first step as accurate as possible is crucial.
First off we need to pull out our calculators and punch in the numbers. Know your monthly income and determine your monthly expenses. Remember to use your net income (after taxes) as a basis and not your gross (before taxes) salary. Next is a bit more difficult: how much you are willing to spend on car expenses. Even though your salary can afford you a more high-end vehicle does not necessarily translate into you purchasing that vehicle. In most cases, you might have other financial obligations that you need to put into the equation. More importantly, you may encounter unexpected or emergency expenses along the way.

Looking At The Monthly Rate

Even though we are saying to look at the monthly rate involved, it is still much more important to consider the whole cost of the loan first before anything else. We look at the monthly rate just as soon as we know for sure that we have shopped the right good credit or bad credit car loans Canada option. A good rule of thumb is you should not spend more than 15 to 20 percent of your net monthly income on car loan payments. For bad credit car loan Canada options, you may need to lower your budget even more (depending on the financial situation). Some even say this amount is too generous but at least this is a realistic estimate.
Put into consideration other added necessary costs like after sales tax, car insurance premium and other expenses along the road (i.e. car care and regular maintenance). If you are taking on other essential expenses like a mortgage, loan and the likes, you can’t just easily cut this off from your budget since these are a priority too. On the other hand, if much of your monthly budget comes from entertainment expenses, vacations or gadgets, then you may just be able to cut them off and make financial space for your new car loans Canada.

Money Down On the Table!

Unless you are very much okay in handling huge debt, making a bigger down payment equals lesser principal debt. In addition, you may just be able to benefit from these two bonuses: better interest rate (even for bad credit car loans Canada) and fewer overall payments for the entire duration of the car loan.
Lenders measure risks via creditworthiness which can be ascertained through a person’s credit score. If you have a damaged credit, you must look to consider other factors which can help raise your creditworthiness. A good way to do so is by making a huge down payment. If not, making at least a 20 percent money down is good enough compared to a no down payment auto loan option. Following a down payment, your principal debt is then lowered which means you’d only have to pay the outstanding balance over a period of time thus lower payments in the long run. Additionally, this also means that you own a majority of the share of your vehicle. This is a great advantage if you decide to refinance your current bad credit car loans Canada or sell your vehicle. In the financing world, this is called gaining positive equity over your asset. Educate yourself more about New Car Canada’s bad credit car loans Canada options.

Perfect Time To Get The Best Deal

For people who are not in a hurry, yes, there is such thing as a perfect time to buy a vehicle. Aside from the art of negotiating, timing your purchase puts you at a great advantage. As with any purchases, knowing the perfect time to buy a car may just save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Here are some scenarios for you to remember by.

End of Day, Month, Quarter, and Year

Almost everyone knows that buying at month-end will yield great results but did you know that you can also get one at the end of a regular day? While not as effective as during a month-end, car dealers are not so much eager to become very rigid with their prices as they are all ready to go home and may become more concerned in landing you as a client.
During the end of the month, end of every quarter or end of the year, car dealers strive hard to reach their quotas so they can get the coveted incentive or handsome bonus. Usually, the end of March, June, September or December are the times where car salesmen are chasing their quotas. That being said, mark your calendars and look out for these months.

Coming Out Of A Newer Model bad credit car loans Canada style!

If what you are really after is a great deal and not so much with the model, you can get a huge discount when opting for an outgoing model. From time to time, manufacturers entice consumers by releasing newer models and with that, dealerships will give out huge promos just to get rid of or dispose of outgoing models. Take advantage of this situation and you’ll see that car dealers are much more accommodating during the negotiation process. Even if you can only get a bad credit car loans Canada option, you may still be able to take home a relatively high-end vehicle. The obvious downside is that you won’t be able to fully experience the new upgrades and car technologies incorporated in the newer model. Nevertheless, it is still a win, right?

Big Holidays

Just like in shopping malls, car dealerships offer limited discounts and promos during big or major holidays. Even lenders offer amazing cashback promos for bad credit car loan Canada options during these times. In addition, they may even endorse additional FREE upgrades or accessories to your ride. So keep your eyes peeled if you are planning on a new vehicle especially during Labor Day, Independence Day or any other major holiday events.

Bad Credit Car Loans Canada With No Cosigner

If you have a damaged credit, having a willing cosigner by your side makes things easier. But what if you can’t find someone willing to be a cosigner? Given how terrible your credit situation is, how will you then secure a bad credit car loans Canada option?
No reason to panic, by working with a reliable lender such as New Car Canada, you can instantly secure an approval for a financing option despite any credit issues. Our company is an expert when it comes to poor credit financing. Unlike your traditional lenders, we don’t mainly look at credit for approval. As long as you have a stable employment history with a monthly salary of at least $1,800 (before taxes), you are virtually approved!
Our services are completely FREE, you can even apply online today and get approved without breaking a sweat. Our goal is to help car financing more accessible to all car buyers in Canada. In addition to that, our bad credit car loans Canada options are set at rates that are favorable to your budget. Just tell us what your monthly budget is and we will find the best financing quotes available near you. With our very wide and strong network of car dealership partners across the country, we can finance any type of vehicle you want – SUV, minivan, used cars, pickup trucks or sedans. We don’t require any cosigner or minimum down payment (option available) for approval. With our no down payment car loan option, you can drive home the car of your dreams without paying us a single loonie. As long as you can meet our requirements, we guarantee a quick and easy approval. Take advantage of our free online application today to learn more about our bad credit car loans Canada options. If you want, we can even get you pre-approved for up to $45,000.

Advantages of Financing Your Car

Some people seem to dread car financing due to the interest payments involved, however, if you look at it closer, there are actually a lot of advantages in financing your car purchase. Let’s check them out with Bad Credit Car Loans Canada option.

Savings, Comfort, and Convenience

To begin, opting for a car loan (even if it is only a bad credit car loan Canada option) allows for future savings. With a car loan option, you can buy a much nicer vehicle but this does not stop there. While most people are easily scared off due to the expensive price tag on brand new, reliable vehicles, what they fail to consider is the “reliable” part. While buying a used car using straight up cash is great since you avoid the interest payments, not everyone can land a pre-owned vehicle that is in great condition. How sure are you that it can last at least a good solid 3 years? Moreover, you may encounter a lot of repairs along the line and end up costing you more than what you could have paid for if you choose a brand new vehicle. But more importantly, it is the satisfaction and convenience on your end which is compromised. Do you really want that for yourself?

Better Way To Budget with bad credit car loans Canada

Today, you can easily apply and get approved online inside the comforts of your own home. Once you have been approved, you can easily iron out the details with your dealer, agree on an annual percentage rate and set a monthly rate and payment method – biweekly or monthly. With that, it is much easier for you to budget your finances unlike when you need to save up at least $10,000 to pay for a pre-owned vehicle. To add, saving that big of a money takes time and in most cases, people are in need of transportation right now rather than later. By choosing to finance your car purchase, you eliminate the waiting time and what you only need to think about is how to pay for the monthly rate. You can organize your finances more efficiently this way.

Looks Good On Your Credit with New Car Canada

Acquiring a car loan is great for your credit. Whether you are still establishing credit or getting a bad credit car loans Canada option to fix it, having a huge purchase on your credit history will boost up your credit score in no time, given that you are on-time with your monthly payment. Payment history takes the biggest percentage on your credit score which means by keeping up with your monthly payment, your credit situation will improve in just a few months! With that, you can consider a refinancing option along the way if your credit is good enough to qualify for a much favorable good or bad credit car loans Canada option. If not, by the time you have paid your loan off, you can immediately acquire a new car loans Canada option but this time at a prime rate. Some lenders even offer 0% auto financing option for car buyers who have very exceptional credit scores.

Looking For Financing Options Online with Bad Credit Car Loans Canada

Taking advantage of the internet, it is now so easy to apply and gets approved for a car loan option online. Whether it is a bad credit car loans Canada option you are looking for or not, shopping for options is now a breeze, helping you save time and money. You don’t have to get stuck up with a traditional lender and more importantly, you can inquire from multiple lenders quickly avoiding further damage to your credit while still ensuring that you are getting the best deal possible.
In an online car financing, filling up of car loan application form is faster and quicker approval process. Online car loan providers like New Car Canada can get you approved as fast as within 24 hours, regardless of your credit situation. No more long written forms and waiting for weeks on end just for an approval! Moreover, if you qualify for an approval, you can get approved inside the comforts of your own home, at work or anywhere you are through your phone! This means you skip all the talk with a persistent dealer and just focus on picking out your next brand new ride. To add, getting pre-approved for a bad credit car loan Canada option encourages you to stay on budget and makes for a smoother negotiation process.
Online car loan companies typically have a straightforward process centered on enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Moreover, they are often more lenient to car buyers looking for bad credit car loans Canada options.
By telling them what type or brand of vehicle you want and monthly budget that you are willing to pay, they can easily look it up for you. Take New Car Canada for instance, this company has a wide network of dealership partners across Canada. By simply telling us what you are looking for, financing specialist can easily tap one of our dealership specialists can give you financing quotes, FREE of charge. Applicants trying to get approved for bad credit car loans Canada can easily land an option that is well within their comfortable price range through our services. Take the first step by completing our FREE online 1-minute application form. You can easily apply online and get approved anywhere at anytime. These are only some of the many advantages that you can enjoy when choosing to get financed online with New Car Canada’s bad credit car loans Canada options.

How Refinancing Works for Bad Credit Car Loans Canada?

Auto loan refinancing is a process in which the existing bad credit car loans Canada option is paid off and is consequently replaced with a new one. Oftentimes, people do this when they see a new offer with a much favorable interest rate or to restructure the loan term in order to make the monthly payments more bearable. Here are 2 main potential advantages when you opt to refinance your current auto loan with bad credit car loan Canada offer:

1. More Manageable Monthly Rate
You might have gotten your current loan back when your only option was for an expensive bad credit car loans Canada option. By not missing any payment and settling unpaid collections, your credit eventually improved and can qualify you for a much better financing option. Needless to say, this is a great opportunity for you to hunt for a good credit car loan option. When you have successfully found a new, better option, you can now use that to pay off your remaining debt and is now much more comfortably with the monthly rate of your new loan.
On the other hand, you can also extend the duration of your term if you find the monthly payment involved is too much for you. This is very common amongst Canadians, extending their bad credit car loans Canada option to a 7-year term just to make the monthly amortization more manageable. While this is a viable option for struggling car owners, this is not really financially ideal since you will be spending more in the long run due to interest payments.

2. Lower Cost To Interest For Bad Credit Car Loans Canada Option
As mentioned, most people opt to refinance when they find a better offer. Whether it is a bad credit car loan Canada or a prime rate offer, it does not take a genius to realize that you need to grab this great opportunity – lower interest rate = lower total cost. That is why it pays to look around if you are not satisfied with your current auto loan rather than just settle for the one you have. One thing that people need to remember though is that when a refinancing option is on your mind, you need to do this as early as possible so that you can indeed save money. If your goal is to save money, you should refinance your current bad credit car loans Canada as early as within the first year of the term.
Also, you may need to talk to your lender first and ask for any prepayment penalties From the get go, you should ask your lender about a possible refinancing and the costs involved if it does happen, especially if you are acquiring a bad credit car loan Canada option.

Use a Refinance Calculator to calculate bad credit car loans Canada offers
There are a lot of websites out there that lets you use a car loan refinance calculator for FREE. Take advantage of this so that you’ll know exactly what you are getting into. Crunch the numbers first, because the last thing you want is to go through all the hassle and end up with the same costs or very minimal savings involved.

Auto refinancing on your mind? Here at New Car Canada, we offer car loan refinancing option to all individuals for all types of credit, including a bad credit car loans Canada refinancing. We have helped thousands of Canadians with their car loan needs. Regardless of how terrible your credit looks, we can get you instantly approved for a bad credit car loans Canada option at a rate you can afford. No need for a cosigner. As long as you are regularly employed and earning $1,800 a month, your approval is our guarantee. Our services are free and we cater to the needs of all Canadians nationwide. Don’t settle for less, get approved for the RIGHT auto loan option only here at New Car Canada.

Lowering APR on Your Bad Credit Car Loans Canada

Contrary to popular belief, there is an easy way for you to lower the APR or Annual Percentage Rate of your bad credit car loans Canada. Aside from the actual price of the vehicle you want, getting a favorable car loan option will obviously save you a lot of money particularly on interest payments. Lower your APR on bad credit car loans Canada.
A good way to lower it is when you add a cosigner into the mix. When you have actually searched every possible nook and cranny for a car loan option that works for you and still could not land a reasonably priced option, having a cosigner is a great equalizer. Although it may seem a bit taxing, bad credit car loan Canada providers will see you as less of a risk since there is someone that could take your place in an event of a default. Find someone that has a good credit score and this will make up for your damaged credit. The challenging part here is to find someone that is willing to take on such a serious responsibility.
Another way is to pick a shorter loan duration. According to Consumer Reports, longer bad credit car loan Canada terms typically have higher interest rates than when in a short term loan. Again, lenders would interpret long-term car loans as higher-risk hence the expensive rate. Moreover, picking a shorter loan term is financially good for you since this helps you avoid getting upside down on your loan. While bad credit car loans Canada at a short term loan may involve expensive monthly payment, you’d be able to pay off your loan much faster which directly translates to more savings. Remember that cars are depreciable assets and the longer you pay it off, the lower its value is going to be. By the time you are done, your car’s current market value is greatly diminished.
Our last piece of advice for you is to avoid looking at the monthly payment when shopping for bad credit car loans Canada rates. This is an old salesman trick into getting you to commit because of how affordable the monthly payments are but in actuality, you are losing money. They usually spread out the entire cost of the loan over an extended term (usually 6 or 7 years). When negotiating with your lender, always haggle for the total cost of the loan. Keep your monthly budget to yourself and the only time you should consider it, is after you have fully compared rates from various lending institutions. The moment you reveal your set monthly budget, you become very prone to such tactics. We would love to hear your feedback on bad credit car loans Canada rates.

Get Financed For The Car Of Your Dreams the RIGHT Way

Even with a few red flags on your credit, you should not settle for a ridiculously expensive bad credit car loans Canada. What you must put in mind is that the auto finance market has become very competitive, which is incredibly great news for car buyers. There are many lenders out there who can accommodate you for a bad credit car loans Canada at a reasonable interest rate. You just have to shop for the right one.
To further tilt the odds in your favor, you should consider saving up for a hefty down payment. Lenders like to see a buyer that has the financial capacity to pay for the loan and placing a down payment is a good way to show it to them. More than that, this allows you to save on interest payments and maybe even give you more haggling power to negotiate for a better interest rate.
Furthermore, working with an understanding lender is obviously a huge factor. Traditional big lending institutions are not quite inclined to entertain consumers with bad credit. Fortunately, online bad credit car loan Canada sites are here to even the scale for poor credit consumers. One of the most reliable online companies today is New Car Canada. We provide guaranteed approval regardless of credit situation. In addition, we have very minimal requirements and our bad credit car loan Canada options are set at reasonable annual interest rates. Act now and apply online to learn more about how we can get you financed for the car of your dreams – the RIGHT way.

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