Success Stories

“I wanted to explore other options”

“I was shopping for a new SUV online and found New Car Canada. I got approved from the bank already but wanted to explore other options. They were able to beat my bank’s interest rate as well as find me exactly the SUV I wanted.”

— Joyce

“New Car Canada hooked me up with a lender”

— Dave from Virginia —

“I pay $118 bi weekly to own this sweet ride.”

— Luke —

“Approved in 2 days!”

“My low credit score was a result of credit card debt. When I needed a new car banks didn’t approve me. All banks were pointing at my debt but none of them offered anything to help me. When I applied for a car loan with New Car Canada I was approved in 2 days. They also paid off my credit card debt and included it in car loan with a much more affordable interest rate. I love my new Mini Cooper!”

— Angelica

“Approved despite consumer proposal”

“My husband and I had consumer proposal 2 years ago. With the third child on the way, we wanted to replace our old Honda Civic with the 3 old Kia Sedona. The approval took a bit longer because it was hard to find a lender. They found one and the interest rate was lower than we could ever hoped for.”

— Juanita

“I’m back on my feet now”

“Some not very smart decisions in the past couple of years made my credit terrible. Even though I’m back on my feet now no bank wanted to approve me. So, I searched online and found New Car Canada. They connected me with a dealer who approved me. Highly recommended!”

— Michael