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The Fastest Way To A Newer Vehicle

Your beater just broke down. You landed a new job and public transportation is cutting too much into your work and family time. Your existing vehicle got totaled.


You simply want a newer vehicle parked on your driveway as soon as yesterday for whatever reason.

Your options are:

Option #1: Get another beater

Open Kijiji, call a couple sellers close to you, visit them and take your next beater home. If luck is on your side today, you’ll be good for a couple months.

Then simply repeat the process.

Doesn’t sound very attractive? I can do better…

Option #2: Visit local dealerships

With a Saturday dealer to dealer roadtrip you will find something more or less within your budget. It takes some time plus you’ll be dealing with a lot of sleazy salespeople, but you’ll end up with a new set of vehicle keys in your pocket in a couple of days.

Still not excited? OK, how about this…

Option #3: New Car Canada

Visit and apply in less than 1 minute. All our dealer partners have over 500 different vehicles available at any time.

You can have the vehicle delivered to your doorstep in just a couple of days (paperwork included).

You’ll get a safe, reliable and affordable vehicle with $0 down on request. Not only you’ll stay away from sleazy salespeople…

You can do everything from the comfort of your couch wearing sweatpants.

Sounds good?

The fastest and most convenient route to newer vehicle goes through


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