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Anyone from Windsor applying for vehicle financing can get approved:

  • Bad Credit Score
  • No Credit Score
  • Good Credit Score
  • Underwent Bankruptcy
  • Had Collections
  • Had Financing Counselling
  • Experienced Repossessions
  • New Immigrants
  • Recently Divorce

For Fast, Easy and Hassle-Free Approval on Your Windsor Car Loan, Provide these 3 Basic Requirements:

  • Driver's License which is Valid
  • Can Acquire An Insurance
  • Has a Monthly Compensation of $1800
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Drive Away the Vehicle You Want No Matter What Your Credit Is

We approve online car financing application from anywhere in ON. If you are in need of a car the soonest, it is best that you start your application now since our process is easy, fast and secure. You need not worry about many documents just to get approved. Our process is simple - just fill out our application form online then comply with the three basic requirements and finally make the decision. We make things easy for you and we won't require you to purchase the loan unless you decide to pursue it yourself. This offer is definitely to your advantage! You've got nothing to loose!

Apply NOW for FREE but simply filling out our online application form - this will just take you less than a minute! Then expect a call back from our representatives to confirm your application. After 24 hours you will get a call providing you a heads up on your application status. If you decide to pursue the application, simply submit the 3 basic requirements and you will be ready to pick up your brand new car! What are you waiting for? Apply Now!


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  • Approvals provided to any credit score
  • Application Status Feedback in 24 hours
  • NO DOWN PAYMENT required
  • Choose the car you desire, auto loan approvals range from $5000 - %45000
  • Decision is entirely up to you - NO Obligation to Buy.

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If you are worried about getting approved for car financing due to bad or no credit, then this is the best site for you! We are the leading and biggest online car financing firm trusted by thousands of lenders and our satisfied clients are swiftly increasing due to the big help New Car Canada has given them! Getting approved is fast and easy! No trouble in acquiring tons of forms and documents! All you need is to comply with the basic requirements mentioned above and you are good to go! regardless of your credit score, we will give you the opportunity to drive away the car of your dreams. This is the best place and opportunity to rebuild your credit. We consider you future and not your past. So, check out our online application form and fill out the information needed and that's it! No Hassle.

Rebuild your credit with us! Apply for easy car financing and get the opportunity to pay low interest (that fits your budget) and eventually improve your credit score! We are here to help you with your future!


Getting a Car Loan With Personal Credit Issues

When getting a car loan, having an excellent credit is the ideal scenario. With a flawless credit, it will be easier for you to apply and get approved for a car loan from virtually all dealerships and car loan providers. However, this is not the case for individuals with poor credit or have other credit issues in the past or at present. For those people. getting a car loan may be a little more challenging but it is not impossible, unlike what many people think. Many people believe that if you have credit issues, you will never be approved for a car loan. Therefore, you can never buy your own car ever. That is not true.

Even with personal credit issues, you can still apply and actually get approved for a car loan especially if you meet the basic requirements like having a valid license, having a specific monthly income, and can apply for an insurance. So, if you need a car loan soon but you are worried with your personal credit issues, you do not have to anymore. You just need to look for the best bad credit car loan provider and you can get approved for one, then buy the car that you want.

Windsor, Canada  

Windsor: Canada’s Automotive Capital.

From the nickname itself, one can immediately tell that Windsor’s strength mainly relies on automotive manufacturing. Windsor is one of the country’s main automobile manufacturer. It is home to car assembly plants, engine plants (Ford Motors) and other companies that primarily make car parts. Additionally, the main office of FCA can be found here in Windsor.

Even though they thrive in car manufacturing, the government of Windsor has successfully invested on other sectors like education, tourism, pharmaceutical, software development and service-related industries such as insurance. As mentioned, Windsor has a well-established tourism sector housing one of the most popular casinos of North America the Caesar Windsor.

Additionally, they also have beautifully developed parks, water parks, art galleries, majestic gardens, incredible restaurants and museums. With how busy the highways (one of the busiest in Canada) are in Windsor, purchasing your own car is a must. Skip the line, apply for a car loan online today.