Bad Credit Car Loans Winnipeg

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Instant auto loans for everyone even with horrible credit

We guarantee a hassle-free car loan approval in Winnipeg even those with:

  • Bankruptcy problems
  • Great Credit
  • Behind on Payments
  • Awful Credit
  • No Credit
  • Immigrant
  • Debt Going to Collections
  • Just got Divorced
  • Vehicle Repossessions

You only need to comply these easy requirements to get approved for an auto loan in Winnipeg

  • Legal Driver’s License
  • Able to Secure a Car Insurance
  • Earning a minimum of $1,800/month
Approval for car loan with bad credit

Get Your Dream Car with Zero Down!

We offer 24-hour approval for all types of credit. New Car Canada offers cheap auto loan plans for all car buyers even those with poor credit. They don’t base their approval on your credit score. As long as you have a stable employment history and monthly income of $1,800, we will approve you right away. Once approved, you can immediately choose the car that you truly want and take it home in just a matter of weeks! You don’t need to place a down payment or find a cosigner in order to be deemed eligible for our loan.

New Car Canada approves hundreds of car loan applicants every month in this area alone. Furthermore, they also work with top-tier car dealerships in order to provide clients with a wide array of car varieties at a price that is well-within your budget. New Car Canada is open 24 hours a day. We accept applications anytime of the day. You can easily apply for FREE using just your mobile phone or tablet. And when we say free it is completely without charge or any obligations. Take the time to complete our 1-minute online loan application and get approved the next day!

After You're Approved... Pick Any Brand Of Car.

Mazda Mitschubuschi Subaru Mercedes Toyota Smart Lexus Scion Fiat Hyundai Nissan Kia Ford Honda Chrysler Ram Jeep Mini Dodge BMW Alfa Romeo Acura

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Let’s work on your dreams hand in hand.

  • Get Approved Fast (within 24 hours)!
  • All Applicants are Assured of an Approval Even with Serious Credit Issues (bankruptcy, foreclosures, consumer proposals, auto loan default)
  • Choose from over 5,000 Different Cars in our Showroom
  • No Down Payment? NO WORRIES!
  • 100% FREE to Apply - No Hidden Costs of Processing Fees
  • Select the Vehicle that you Want and Get Approved Effortlessly

We are the number 1 auto loan provider in Winnipeg and the highest approval rate.

You don’t need to have a spotless credit report to avail of our low interest car loans. If your gross monthly salary is $1,800, we will finance your car purchase without a doubt. New Car Canada also provides pre-approved car financing even to those with weak credit. This way, it would also help you decide on which car to choose as well as keeping you well within the range of your set budget.

We have partnered with excellent car dealerships so you can still find a car that fits your budget while also giving you the satisfaction that you seek in a vehicle. Get approved and start building your credit with our amazing offers.


Buying a Car Made Easy!

Years ago, buying a car was only for the affluent. If you did not have enough money to buy one right away, it was close to impossible that you will ever get one for your own. Now, buying a car has been made easy! Everyone can have the opportunity to pick the car that fits them perfectly, shop for it, and drive it home to their family. How? Through finding the best car loan deals.

By doing this, you get the car now and pay off for it on a monthly basis with price that is lighter on the wallet. The only thing to do is apply for it and get approved, and then you can start choosing the car that you want. With amazing payment terms, it is really the best time to buy your own car. Aside from this, if you find the perfect partner for your car loan, you can even spot the most amazing car deals. Hence, you do not spend too much in order to bring home one.

Winnipeg, Canada

Slow and Steady Growth

Winnipeg boasts of an ethnically diverse population and extremely close knit communities. The city is characterized by a slow yet steady economic growth, making it ideal for both the young and the old.

Incorporated as a city way back in 1812, Winnipeg is today the 8th largest city in Canada. It experienced a rapid economic growth from 1885, when the Canadian Pacific Railway founds its way within her borders. The railway brought with 30 year period of what many describe as an unrivaled economic prosperity. It is not all about the railway though.

Winnipeg also boasts of the finest road networks in Canada. With a car, living in Winnipeg can be a fulfilling experience for young school goers, working executives and those with families.